The Justin Bieber Fanclub is Actually The Best

Let’s talk about the Justin Bieber Fanclub, shall we? First of all, let’s remember that it’s the greatest fan club in the whole wide world because we gather together in solidarity and love and support for the greatest guy in the world, Justin Bieber.

The purpose of the Justin Bieber Fanclub, or any fan club for that matter, is to make everyday people like you and me feel directly connected to our greatest celebrity loves. In the case of the Justin Bieber Fanclub, that is one Mr. Justin Drew Bieber!

By creating a Justin Bieber Fanclub, we, together, as Bieber Fever infected Beliebers will be on the same page all of the time. Not the same web page with the same boring stories, though! Updates will be continuously occurring to make sure that every member of the Justin Bieber Fanclub is up to date on the latest news about our one and only true love.

It is through the common bond of the Biebs that we care united and through this unity, we can be the best Justin Bieber Fanclub in the world! This is the kind of thing all true beliebers want to participate in because if we work together, then maybe Justin will notice us! Imagine the possibilities.

Is it just me or does everyone else feel as though Justin is thanking them personally when he thanks “the fans?” He always shows so much sincerity and gratitude toward his fans. How awesome would it be if he specifically said thanks to the Justin Bieber Fanclub?!

I could not put into words how truly honored I would feel if something like this took off in such a way that it directly impacted Justin. To be a blip on that radar. To be known as the girl who recruited thousands, or perhaps even MILLIONS to the Justin Bieber Fanclub would be so awesome.

I bet I could totally put that on a college application or something, right? I’ve heard about some pretty wacky scholarships out there so I’m sure that Justin Bieber Fanclub recruitment has got to be some type of skill that higher education would find valuable.

After all, doesn’t higher education recruit the best of the best for their particular institution? Whether it be football, basketball, or the arts, there are often auditions and interviews to get into college and I have to say, I think the Justin Bieber Fanclub is just as valid of an extra curricular activity than anything else out there.

In fact, when you really think about the impact that the Justin Bieber Fanclub could have, with the amount of members being infinite, whereas college sports teams, and productions, and other group activities usually have caps on the amount of people on the roster/cast list.

Comparatively speaking, the Justin Bieber Fanclub could be bigger and stronger than a college football team! And you can take those stats to the bank! The best part about the Justin Bieber Fanclub, aside from the obvious answer, Justin Bieber, is you!

Belieb or not to Belieb, Justin Bieber got snubbed at the Grammy Noms and I am still upset!

The Grammy Nominations are out and there are none for our beloved Justin Bieber! Why I ask?! Why! The Biebs 15 million albums this year alone and have more than 30 million Twitter followers! Fellow Belibers, before you riot and create chaos.

The Grammys are not necessarily looking at the Twitter follower count, records sales, and things of that sort; artists who are usually nominated for Grammys need to appeal to people of all ages. The main group of people that is always on board for #TeamJustin is usually us girls, mainly from ages 5 to 20, like me. Unfortunately the panel for the Grammys are not in that category. I really don’t understand WHY?

Yes, Justin Bieber has been a huge success this year and had his world tour, dated Selena Gomez, broke up with her, now back together; Justin Bieber had a crazy year for sure! And we were there with him every step of the way, so why should he not be rewarded for it? 

A Grammy is not in his future for now. So did he really get “snubbed” for Grammy Nominations, not exactly. The Grammys are so complicated, I can’t even explain it in simpler terms, but I’ll try my best to compare and contrast why this ended being the end result! I did a little research, because I was obviously outraged.

The voting age of the Grammys has been usually old, white and male. So they’re not really digging Bieber’s swag and good looks. Although if some of you are thinking it’s because he’s too young or possibly too cool for these guys, it’s definitely not the case!

Adele last year won 8 Grammys but that’s only because she appealed to everyone. It was a wider spread, fan base she had as she sold her albums around the world. So there’s that going on. Beliebers don’t have that wide age-range fan base. That’s one of the biggest advantages of getting Grammy noms, you have to appeal to everyone! You’d think all us Beliebers would be enough!

Other artists who did not get snubbed were indie bands such like Black Keys and Mumford & Sons and I don’t even know who they are. I’m pretty sure all of you are just scratching your heads wondering who in the world are those bands?

I’m going to guess that the fans for those bands are totally different from the Justin Bieber fans. Another band who got a nomination was Maroon 5! Which by the way, will be touring next year and most of you should be excited for that. Those bands are just an example on how much the variety of the fan base is so important!

Now, don’t feel too bad about Justin Bieber getting snubbed, he sweeped the American Music Awards not too long ago which was pretty awesome. So don’t get caught up on this Grammy hype, Justin Bieber is just as good as ever and will be continuing on to do amazing things and upcoming tours for us Beliebers! So get ready for whatever will be coming next in store for the Biebs. We will be ready!

Justin Shows His ABS During A Show and I LOVE IT!!!

Justin Bieber was busy getting us all a little flustered when HE SHOWED HIS ABS DURING A PERFORMANCE. Justin. Bieber. Shirtless. I swear, I am okay… Deep breaths, I got this. But honestly, how hot was that performance from Justin Bieber? Let us definitely not forget the sneak peak we got of Justin Bieber’s boxers poking out of his jeans. You still with me, Justin Bieber fans?

Justin Bieber channeled his inner Marky Mark in New York City when performing at Madison Square Garden during his Believe Tour. He is 18 now, so it is perfectly okay to stare at his perfectly chiseled chest and admire the Canadian heartthrob that is Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber’s definitely matured nicely, and seems to have embraced his heartthrob status recently while performing.

When Justin Bieber fans threw their bras to him while performing on stage, he did not seem to be phased by the act! Let us not forget that he did perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show not to long ago where he was completely surrounded by models in noting but their intimates!

Our little Justin Bieber grew up in the spotlight at the age of 15; it is so hard to think of him as a full-grown man! Nevertheless, Justin Bieber is still looking mighty fine and should definitely perform while showing off his bod. Maybe no shirt next time, huh Justin Bieber? I am sure Justin Bieber’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, is not complaining over his body; we definitely will not!

Maybe Justin Bieber is following in his big-bro, Mark Wahlberg’s, footsteps? It is no secret that Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg are the latest bromance in Hollywood. Mark Wahlberg’s kids are huge fans of Justin Bieber, and he has said that Justin Bieber is the only person that could make him rap again!

If Justin Bieber asked me, I’d do that for my daughter,” he has said. Can you imagine what a rap with Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg would sound like?

I would definitely love to hear that! All four of Mark Wahlberg’s kids are big fans of Justin Bieber, how sweet of him to consider a collaboration for them! While we wait for that sort of collaboration to happen (do not keep us waiting to long!), we can still look forward to a Mark Wahlberg/Justin Bieber collaboration in the near future.

Both Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg are working on a movie script together! I am definitely hoping we see them on the big screen together! The movie would have Justin Bieber playing a basketball player!

Do you have anymore shirtless Justin Bieber planned for us, Mark Wahlberg? It has been a while since we have seen our Justin Bieber on the big screen, so we are more than happy to have him coming back soon! Mark Wahlberg says that we should have this movie out by next year. I absolutely cannot wait, how about you Justin Bieber fans?

A Little Re-Cap of Just Who Justin Bieber Is. (Beliebers…As If You Don’t Already Know!!)

Let me just give you a little recap of just who Justin Bieber is, my hero. The most perfect boy ever. Born on March 1st, 1994 in London, Canada, Justin Beiber was once just a little boy from Canada with big dream and I know that he was JUST as cute when he started. He started singing and playing the guitar at a really young age.
He then got discovered in 2008 on YouTube by the famous American manager Scooter Braun (and probably tons of girls who just died over him because he was SO cute!). Scooter who manages the artist we know as Usher Raymond, who totally isn’t as famous as Justin Bieber.

Since then, Justin has been such a big hit. He is now a singer, songwriter and actor who is becoming legendary and has fans of all ages, colors, and sizes. Justin comes from an immediate family of 5 (including himself). His parents are Pattie Lynn Malette, Jeremy Jack Bieber, half siblings Jazmyn Bieber and Jaxon Bieber making Justin the eldest.

We all know Justin Bieber to be a heartthrob (espeically me) who makes enjoyable music and entertains us but there is a story behind this young man that we would be shocked to hear. Justin Bibers mother Patricia Lynn Malette had Justin with Jeremy Jack Biber when she was only 19 years old.

The marriage between Justin’s parents did not last long. They split when Justin was the age of 2 years and he is Patricia’s only child. Despite the separation, Justin’s father remained close to him and supports his career. Jeremy Bieber then remarried and had a son and a daughter with Erin Bieber. Who remembers him with that fishbowl haircut when he first started back in the day (well, really just a few years ago

Justin Bieber has blossomed into a the most perfect singer and boy I’ve ever seen. Today, he is performing on stage with artists like Niki Minaj, Usher, Ludacris, Sean Kingston, Drake and many more, but honestly I still think he’s the best out of everyone. Last Saturday night, December the 1st Justin Bieber brought out Drizzy Drake to perform together at the SkyDome in Canada.

Together, the Canadian natives performed their collaboration song called ‘Right Here’ and Lil Waynes ‘The Motto’ with Justin Bieber singing Lil Wayne’s and Tyga’s verse on that track. Drake started in the entertainment industry as young as 16. Playing Jimmy Brooks, the character who ended up in a wheel chair in Degrassi; born to the name Audrey Blake Graham but now known as ‘Drake’.

The show was a hit, obviously. With 60, 000 fans (ugh minus me because my parents wouldn’t let me go to Canada, WHATEVER) who came out to see them perform, tickets were sold out. Like I said, it was a crazy crowd. It was always a dream of Drake’s to be able to perform at the SkyDome and probably to play  with Justin Bieber! He thanked Justin Bieber by saying “I want to thank you for letting me live a childhood dream, which is my first opportunity to perform at the SkyDome.” When Drake came out on stage as a surprise guest, the crowd went ballistic.

“We’re pretty close to home; I want to do a special song I haven’t done on tour yet. Give it up from your hometown, Drizzy Drake” is how Justin Bieber introduced Drake before he came on stage.

Drake than later responded by saying, “There’s very few people I met in the world that are as talented and as incredible as this young man right here. You got your favorite two Canadian boys, you got Drizzy Drake and Justin Bieber, please believe it.” Ugh, sigh. I can’t believe I wasn’t there.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Back Together?!

Hey “Jelena” fans! I am sure that you already know it, but in case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, you will be happy to know that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together again. Even though their relationship has been rocky these past few weeks along with crazy schedules that have kept them busy.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez still made time for each other and they were both spotted enjoying what looks like a romantic dinner according to Daily Mail. Daily Mail reported the sighting on Monday, December 3. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen holding hands and according to a source they said that ”Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are putting forth the important effort to “make time to see one another.”

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared what looked like an intimate dinner together late this weekend at the Beverly Hills’ WolfGang’s steakhouse. Even though the two were spotted having a romantic dinner together neither Justin or Selena have mentioned on what the status of their relationship is exactly currently.

Due to sightings of them holding hands and as well as sightings of them kissing at Dave and Buster’s and along with the many support from all their fans it is a safe bet to say that the two will likely be back together or already together just without the verbal confirmation from the two singers.

Even though the two has been spotted relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Both Justin and Selena have been busy with work. Justin has been hard at work on his worldwide “Believe” concert tour, and had amazed his fans with his outstanding performance in Toronto and also a surprised entrance from Drake.

And Selena has also been reported to be working hard on her next “Wizards of Waverly Place” movie and also has a new music album, which her fans are probably excited for to come out in stores which is expected to be out in March 2013.

Even though the two are busy with work it is nice to see that they are making an effort and the time to see each other for dinner this weekend and also a source from Daily Mail notes that this is a very good thing for their relationship. It looks like the relationship between the two singers this time around will work out.

I am sure that the “Jelena” fans are very happy on the two reunited and together like they were before and seemed to have just picked up from where they have left off. Justin Bieber is expected to continue with his sold-out “Believe” tour, while Selena Gomez has told her fans that she will be spending the Christmas holiday solo at home with the family even though it seems like the two has gotten back together.

What do you guys think? Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez finally back together? Or are they still friends and slowly working on the relationship and not officially back together? Are you guys “Jelena” fans and have been rooting for them to get back together? Let me know what you guys think and comment below!

Justin Bieber Fan Club Update: Jelena Back in Paradise and JB’s Grammy Snub

We are indeed the NUMBER 1 Justin Bieber Fan Club out there. Justin Bieber has the most faithful fans in the pop music world right now. We stand by him in his successes and his failures, but let’s face it, Justin Bieber doesn’t have any failures! 

Our fan club is dedicated for fans to connect with one another and share their love and devotion to the Biebs. We are thrilled that so many of the wonderful “Beliebers” that are out there are interested in joining this amazing fan club. 

If you are a Justin Bieber fan, there really is no reason against joining this fan club. We are a family here and our main goal is to celebrate the one and only Justin Bieber! Does that sound good to you guys because it sure sounds good to us! 

As our ‘Beliebers” know, Jelena is back on! We knew how hurt JB was when news broke of the relationship ending, but who in their right mind would ever stay away from the charming guy?

News reports are coming in and revealing that the Biebs and Selena are in fact together again! We knew they would be back together soon because they are perfect together! Yes, we know that our girl fans are a little upset that JB didn’t come knocking on their door when it ended, but we are glad to see Justin happy again. 

In our fan club, the Jelena make-up is also something that can be discussed! How do you guys feel about the whole situation? This is what the fan club is here for! Express anything you want to express in a forum setting with Justin Bieber fans around the world! Connected with the Justin Bieber Gallery Page, the Justin Bieber Fan Club is the ultimate Justin Bieber fan experience. We know Justin would be touched if he knew that his fans were part of the biggest fan club for a pop star thus far. 

With being a fan of a superstar, sometimes fans have to deal with upsetting news. Last night, we were not happy with the news of Justin Bieber not earning a 2013 Grammy Nomination. We understand that fans are livid over the news and we are too. We don’t understand how they could snub our Biebs. 

“Believe” was a beautiful album and for the Grammy’s to not give it the recognition it deserves is unkind and something the “Beliebers” will not stand for. Twitter was a buzz with fans using the hashtag #grammy and expressing their thoughts about the event last night. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. 

The Justin Bieber Fan Club is the perfect place to express your feelings about anything and everything Justin Bieber. From Jelena being back together to the monstrosity of Justin Bieber not earning a Grammy Nomination, the Justin Bieber Fan Club has everything you need to continue your unrequited love for Justin Bieber. Join the Justin Bieber Fan Club today!

Justin Bieber Gallery Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

Has any other die hard Justin Bieber fan like myself seen Justin’s new pics? Oh. My. (insert your favorite deity here!) He is just the most swoon-worthy guy in the world. I can not bring myself to believe that anyone out there hates him. I also can not Belieb that anyone else out there loves him more than I do! 

Because really, the human mind can not truly fathom infinity as much as we would like to believe, and I know I love him at least double infinity so, well, do the math! (Or the Physics. Not sure. I may have stumbled into some mystery world and now I need Justin to save me! )

Back to the subject at hand, new Justin Bieber pics! I have to say, the boy knows how to dress. He looks hot in anything: parachute pants, overalls, shirt, no shirt, tuxedo, fitted baseball hat… you name it, Justin Bieber has worn it, and he has looked mighty fine the whole time. A lot of people say that his hair is the key to his allure, and they worry that if he cuts it, there will be a “Felicity effect.” 

This is a reference to the old TV show, Felicity, whose ratings plummeted when the main character of the same name chopped off her honey brown ringlets. Justin Bieber is a different story. Even if he went bald or pulled a Britney, I would totally support and love him the same. Besides, as mentioned earlier, Justin Bieber has an extensive hat collection. I love a man who can accessorize, and Justin Bieber is the only man I love.

These pictures make me think of Justin’s Holiday Macy’s ad. All he has to do is wink, nod, and smile and he has the power to make the strongest knees go weak. Can you imagine if you were Mrs. Justin Bieber, and he went winking, nodding, and smiling at his loyal legion of Beliebers. I know I feel a lot of love for him, but could I actually handle a marriage in the spotlight?

The fact that our wedding pictures would pay for themselves would be nice. In fact, if sold to the right magazine, they could potentially pay for the entire wedding. Wouldn’t that be great? Actually, pretend it’s you and not me. Now, wouldn’t that be great? I’m glad you can now see things from my point of view.

Hey, whether you love these thoughts, are secretly plotting the demise of the global competition to be the next Mrs. Justin Bieber, or perhaps, not so secretly, just do yourself a favor and take a moment.

A moment to look through these pictures and lose yourself in the fantasy (or potential reality) of a world where Justin Bieber knows as much about you as you do about him. Isn’t that just the best place to be? Your very own Justin Bieber happy place. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Love it. After all, you have to Belieb, right?

Are Justin and Selena Together Or Not? What Do You Think?

We all know long distance relationships are not easy but, if the person is worth the time, we will try to make it work, right? At least in my opinion that’s what you should do. But anyway, this is about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and not myself.

The Wizards of Waverly Place reunion movie filming is what is taking time away from Selena’s best friend (Taylor Swift) and boyfriend time. She says that the last text message conversation she had with Taylor Swift went a little like, “I don’t even remember the last time I saw you”. Now you know things are hectic when you say something like that to your best friend. But when there is free time,

Selena flies to see her boo Justin Bieber or her BFF Taylor Swift. What do you readers think; is it a good idea for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to rekindle their flame of love or should they just call it quits?

On November 28th, 2012, Justin Bieber had a sold out concert in Madison Square Garden in New York City and instead of going so some crazy after party or whatever it is that celebrities do after their shows, Justin Bieber decided to go on a super cute little date with his sort-of-kind-of girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Are they together or not? They are confusing us Justin Bieber fanatics. Boy is Justin Bieber breaking hearts. The on and off couple spent their quality time in Manhattan  They hung out at the best place to have fun, Time Square’s Dave and Buster’s arcade and restaurant.

Although the couple seems to be inseparable at the moment, kissing each other in front of 20, 000 people at a Lakers game, there was a mysterious tweet that has us all questioning the relationship between Justin Bieber and his “girlfriend”.

Justin Bieber’s 21 million followers witnessed Justin Bieber’s tweet that goes as follows, “thank you for the time i had with you but i have to move on now” then quickly deletes it. Is it not obvious as to what is going on here?

Seems to me like Justin Bieber is ready to go on with his love life or maybe he isn’t looking for another relationship.

Justin is an 18-year-old heartthrob that is adored by many girls from all over. Sorry Selena but enjoy the fun while it lasts because I am thinking that you and Justin Bieber are already over. What do my readers think about the subject?!?!?

Justin Bieber’s big night at the American Music Awards

Did anyone see Justin Bieber sweep the American Music Awards on November 18th? Aside from winning favorite artist of the year (top award of the night by the way) the world was semi-formally introduced to Momma Bieber! But of course, Belibers already know who she is!

Her name is Pattie Malette and she is as cute as a button. While watching the awards, I did not recognize her every time Justin was receiving an award and he would embrace her with so much love.

I almost panicked just a little thinking, “Did he replace Selena already?!” But finally when Pattie made it to the stage, it was probably one of the cutest moments Justin has done by being so happy to be with his momma! Can we get an “awww” please?

Anyways, once Justin received the award for favorite artist of the year, he was actually so speechless which possibly a lot of us thought was impossible to happen for a super star like him! For viewers, it show how genuinely happy and excited he was to get the top award for the night, beating out Drake, Maroon 5, Katy Perry and even Rihanna! Justin has also won favorite pop/rock male artist which was the first award of the night at the American Music Awards. 

By the way, did anyone see when Jenny McCarthy show so much affection to the Biebs?! Aside from her groovy hairstyle, Jenny greeted Justin Bieber onto the stage with open arms and then some kisses on the cheek. It was cute but it was one of those scenarios where you get those overly affectionate kisses from those aunts during Christmas time, that aunt in this case being Jenny McCarthy. According to McCarthy she said after Justin’s acceptance speech that, “I did grab his butt. I couldn’t help it. He was just so delicious. So little. I wanted to tear his head off and eat it.”

After releasing the third studio album, Believe, Justin Bieber has been making massive success with his amazing songs such as “Boyfriend” featured on Billboard Hot 100 and “As Long as You Love Me” which he performed at the American Music Awards before the collaboration with Nicki Minaj with his other single, “Beauty and the Beat.”

And how can we end this winning streak for Justin Bieber without mentioning his right hand man, Usher! Justin featured Usher in one of his thank you speeches for favorite pop/rock album Believe for always being there for him and without Usher we would have not known the talents of the Biebs!

So to all the fans for making this happen, keeping the Believe album alive and hanging high in the charts, this is only the beginning for this pop artist to rise from his success and we can anticipate more tunes from Justin Bieber. So Belibers, are you ready to Believe some more?!

The Justin Bieber FanClub is Going GREAT!

It has been 5 years since the discovery of, soon to be one of the sexiest men alive, Justin Bieber. Together with his quick-wit and his boyish charm, we have grown to adore him. From featuring with Usher and signing his first album in 2009, he is now in duets with hip-hop singers as big as Nicki Minaj. 

I am officially addicted to Justin’s latest album “Believe”, it has been on replay on my iTunes and my iPod since I was able to get my hands on it. I am THAT obsessed, and now my roommate is officially a Belieber too. I feel like I’ve definitely accomplished greatness this week.

So after jamming to his new album for the umpteenth time, I decided I would take some time and dedicate it to my Bieber fever.  So what better way to show my love for Justib Bieber and his music than to partake in creating or maybe even extending his fanclub? I know that every crazed comes up with this idea at some point, but I also know that not every fan is able to pull this off successfully.

As a huge Justin Bieber fan myself, I am looking for specific characteristics in the Biebermaniacs that will join my fanclub. I know everything about Justin Bieber from his birthday, to his favorite drink, to his favored brand of clothing. Anything Bieber related, I am your main girl. So for all my fellow fanclub members who wish too join this fanclub, the requirement is simple: they must be as knowledgeable on any Justin Bieber related trivia as me. 

How many of us have sat and played the song “Boyfriend” and “Baby” over and over, just day dreaming and pretending he is singing these songs to us? Remember that feeling of innate desperation and lust? Don’t get me wrong; I believe that this feeling is truly precious and I want all my fellow Bieber fans to feel this when being a part of my Justin Bieber Fanclub.

This fanclub will layout all the good reasons, and more, as to how Bieber is Bieber and why he is fabulous. We will get together to share our knowledge on him and trade stories. We could even have a game night reunion, and again, it’ll be all Justin Bieber related trivia.

We will have group events where we karaoke to his songs and learn his dance moves. It’ll be the ultimate party. There is no better way to end the night than by throwing a party and playing some good Justin Bieber tunes and dancing to them all night long. Let’s bask in the love, ladies!

So, who wants to help me make this Justin Bieber fanclub the second awesomest thing to happen in the last decade since the discovery of Justin Bieber?! As a Justin Bieber fan, I solemnly swear to honor Justin Bieber, his fame and talent with the events being thrown in his name by the fanclub.