This Justin Bieber Fanclub Gets Better Everyday

I have been listening and obsessing about Justin Bieber and his music since the moment I first heard it. Yes, even in the YouTube days way, back when. It takes a true artist to get as far as he has in the time that he has done it in, there is no denying that.

Even for those of you who are not big Justin Bieber fans, you gotta admit that the kid’s got talent… if not talent then at least give him points for having so much swag.

When it comes to Bieber, it is either go big or go home… really, I learned that from seeing him perform time and time and time again. So I’ve come to the conclusion that because he is just oh-so-great! he deserves a tribute that does him justice.

What better way to show our biebermania than by making this the best Justin Bieber fanclub!? All and any Justin Bieber related news and Justin Bieber YouTube Videos and Justin Bieber songs where his fans can learn and share everything about our all-time favorite teenage heartthrob.

This site will include most importantly information on Bieber himself and his whereabouts by providing us, his fans, with constant updates on Justin! The JB fanclub will be a place where his fans can get together and bond over their eternal love for Bieber!

The fanclub will have chartrooms and forums where people can mingle and get to know other fans around their area. It will also be a place to buy, sell or trade concert tickets at very special deals just for JB fanclub members!

For those of you who would simply like to share your views on the Biebs, you could also submit letters, pictures, songs etc. to our fanclub blog.

This JB fanclub will have great discounts for members of the fanclub in the JB fanclub store that we are working on where all sorts of Justin Bieber memorabilia will be sold! Are you excited yet? I know I am!

If the future new store isn’t enough to draw in those with major Bieber fever I would also like to remind you that this fanclub will include an events calendar where once members have signed up with us they will be reminded of all Justin Bieber related events in their area and area’s surrounding them.

We will make sure to keep our fans updated constantly by providing them with all the important (and the not so relevant, for the really curious fans) Bieber information that is given to us. We are going to do our best to keep the JB fanclub galleries updated, as well as posting the best and most recent Justin Bieber photographs.

And for those of you out there who have any good pictures of our much-adored JB that you would like to share with us the JB fanclub crew and all your fellow biebermaniac members will be more than greatful! And last but not least to add the cherry on top of the sundae that is the JB fanclub, for our faithful followers we are working on a contest and raffle for some really fab JUSTIN BIEBER STUFF!!!

And if this doesn’t knock the socks right off your feet… I really don’t know what will.

Justin Bieber Drops His Pants?!

Don’t ever tell me that dreams can’t come true because I have proof! Not to sound like a total pervert, or anything, but when Justin Bieber dropped his pants, we have to all be honest with ourselves as Justin Bieber superfans here, it was something that we’ve all hoped for one way or another.

I think really, we all just want that relationship with Justin where he feels comfortable enough to let his guard down. His manager said that it was all in good fun anyway and I believe him. Justin wouldn’t do anything purposely to upset us, his loyal fans. Besides, we can finally confirm that Justin’s butt is as cute as it looks in his jeans. Yes, our baby has back; in multiple instagram filters.

The only thing I’m trying to figure out is why he chose to do it.  I know I’m not angry or offended, and it was obviously done on purpose since the photo wasn’t “leaked” or “private” and the result of a phone hack or any other celebrity cliché. It’s not like I’m saying that this was something Justin spent his whole day thinking about like “hey, today is the day that I’m going to moon the world.” In fact, I don’t think he spent that long thinking about it at all.

The picture went onto the internet and was shortly taken off of the internet. Of course, like they always say in school, when you put something out into the world wide web, it is out in a “world wide” forum and is never truly gone, even if you think you got rid of it. Sure it seems harmless at the time, but it might come back to haunt you.

That’s right, sometimes, the pictures get caught in the “web” part of the world wide web and you don’t know where they went. Think about it, Justin Bieber has a lot more money than most 18 year olds and I can still see the “moon” picture any time I want. No amount of money is going to remove its internet trace.

As a fan, I find this awesome, but if it were a friend who made a snap decision in judgment, and this were all over the internet, it would be really bad, and could lead to bullying and a whole bunch of other problems. She would probably have a hard time getting a date, let alone a boyfriend, and would be called a lot of bad names.

The worst part is that if this friend is under 18, there could actually be legal consequences for her if she posted the picture first, or charges pressed against anyone who circulated the picture. We have to remember to be tech savvy before we ruin our names before we establish them!

Anyway, I don’t think Justin meant to turn this into a whole political debate or anything like that. In fact, I think it was just a prank and funny to him. Hopefully, this isn’t like the first sign of a mental breakdown or anything. I’m pretty sure he’s fine, and just horsing around in the way guys do.

James Franco – “Sorry, Justin Bieber”

James Franco is usually one who doesn’t apologize for what he says or does and I love him for that, obviously not more than I love Justin Bieber, but this is a different story! Recently, the actor apologized to our baby, Justin Bieber a few weeks after he posted what many believed to be a parody video of Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video. Ugh and so he should have. I don’t know who would make fun of Justin Bieber, I mean, he’s perfect.

“I was asked to take it down by some people,” Franco told E! News at the Sundance Film Festival where he was promoting  a trio of films, “Interior. Leather Bar,” “Kink” and “Lovelace.”

In the video uploaded to his WhoSay page, Franco was in a dimly lit apartment while wearing a hoodie, a tilted basketball cap and cheesy Bieber bangs. So typical… He was also with his “Spring Breakers” co-star Ashley Benson to appear in the clip as well. “Bieber didn’t contact me,” Franco stated. “But I don’t think he was too happy…I wasn’t trying to diss him.” But then someone said Bieber actually never saw the video.

I personally saw the video and I thought it was funny. I really don’t like it when people make fun of Justin, but it’s was probably all in good fun. I mean James Franco did it with Justin Bieber’s friend Ashley Benson. Whether or not it was actually directed at Bieber doesn’t really matter too much.

This kind of stuff happens all the time and they blow over all the time and I don’t see why this is any different. I think Bieber has much bigger things to worry about than some actor making a parody or what looked like a parody of one of his many music videos that girls drool over. Bieber is still a mega star, still a millionaire, still a sex symbol, still everything he was last week and he will continue to be all of those things after this is long forgotten (Hopefully.)

Franco has been working hard to promote the Harmony-Korine-directed “Spring Breakers,” including posting another fake music video of him kind-of singing Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like a Love Song.”

The clip, filmed between takes on the set of the movie, shows Franco in his “Breakers” cornrows and grillz riding in the passenger seat of a car when Gomez’s song comes on the radio and he sings along in falsetto while staring into a video camera over the shoulder. I’m actually pretty sure James Franco is going kind of mental.

Unlike Justin Bieber, ex Selena Gomez said she was flattered by the spoof, telling E! News, “I loved it! It was so good. What people don’t know is that he was very much in character when he was doing it. I thought it was hysterical.” Lol whatever Selena, you can go back to being irrelevant now. I guess it was funny, but James should take a chill pill and pay some real tribute to the one and only Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber Has The Most Followers On Twitter!

Beliebers, you all should be so proud of Justin Bieber! On January 22nd, Justin Bieber passed Lady Gaga on Twitter to claim the title of Twitter King. That is right ladies and gentlemen, Justin Bieber is now the most followed person on Twitter!

With over 33,500,000 followers, Justin Bieber is now what seems to be the most influential person on Twitter! How awesome is that? So proud of my homeboy, Justin Bieber!

So as of right now, Justin Bieber is #1 in Twitter standings, followed by Lady Gaga with about 33,500,000 followers. The #3 spot is held by Katy Perry who has over 31,500,000 followers, who is then followed by Rihanna with about 28,500,000 followers.

Finally, the #5 spot is held by the newly inaugurated President Barack Obama with almost 24,500,000 followers! According to, Justin Bieber has been collecting about 44,000 new followers a day! That was just the advantage that Justin Bieber needed to beat Lady Gaga’s standing because she was only collecting about 30,500 followers a day!

Obviously the Prince of Pop would be able to bring down Mother Monster. It is such a big win considering that Lady Gaga has claimed this title since 2010 when she beat out Britney Spears for the title! Being a great sport about the subject, Lady Gaga Tweeted Justin Bieber on January 15th saying “So proud of @justinbieber and all the Beliebers!

I’m only happy to see your fans growing in size, you all deserve it! Monsters support you.” Maybe she knew ahead of time that Justin Bieber would claim her throne? How sweet is Lady Gaga though? Love her! I definitely think her and Justin Bieber should do a tour together!

This is a big week for Justin Bieber! This week, Justin Bieber will be releasing his Believe Acoustic album on January 29th! I have already heard a flew clips of songs and I can tell you that it is definitely going to be amazing! Justin Bieber put his heart and soul into this album, you can feel it! The tracklisting alone is unbelievable!

It consists of songs off of Believe which are Boyfriend, As Long as You Love Me, Beauty and a Beat, She Don’t Like the Light, Take You, Be Alright, All Around the World and  Fall. Included are three new Justin Bieber songs! How exciting! These songs are called I Would, Yellow Raincoat and Nothing Like Us. Do you guys think Justin Bieber wrote any of these songs for Selena Gomez?

I think they will sound amazing either way! Be sure to pick up Justin Bieber‘s new album this week, you will not be disappointed! As said before, this month is such a big accomplishment for Justin Bieber!

Beliebers must be so excited that Justin Bieber is still going strong! I still cannot believe that Justin Bieber is now the most followed person on Twitter! How is cool is that? It just goes to show how strong of a fanbase that Justin Bieber has and it keeps growing!

We Are the Justin Bieber Gallery Page

We are the Justin Bieber Gallery Page. We are the NUMBER ONE Gallery Page dedicated to Justin Bieber. We have all-access photos of Justin Bieber from the beginning of his career to now.

There is no other Gallery Page that delivers that directly to you, the fans. We are here to support you. The fans are what makes the Justin Bieber Experience so amazing. Without you, we are nothing.

The Gallery Page is here to serve you guys. We know you guys love him and when we say love him, we mean LOVE him. He is like the best thing ever and we want that undying love to continue.

There is a reason why we are the best Gallery Page around. Justin Bieber looks amazing in every picture he takes, even when he isn’t trying. Justin could be walking down the street (we have lots of pictures of him in everyday attire as well) and he can still look like a million bucks.

He is so good looking it’s almost too much for us to handle, but we update you on these fantastic photos anyways because it is our job and we LOVE our job. The Gallery Page is about the Belieber Army, the strongest fan base in the world. We are happy to help you guys out with your Justin Bieber fix.

He is just so dreamy that it is almost impossible NOT to love this boy. We mean, who doesn’t love that face?! It’s so perfect! His clothes, his voice, his looks, his EVERYTHING! Justin Bieber is perfect in every single way. Come on! We know you guys love him! If you didn’t, this Gallery Page wouldn’t be what it is today!

The Gallery page is all things Justin Bieber! We have everything and anything that deals with him. We love our candids of our boy because we get to see what the stud does on the daily! He is always looking swagged out and he is always looking as hot as ever!

It’s Justin Biebers world we all just love to live in it! What would you guys like more of? High-professional shots of the Biebs at award shows, concerts, talk shows, etc? Or do you guys want more candids of Justin where he is just chilling in his car or hanging out with his family and friends?

We want to make this page as fan friendly as possible so we need your help to make that a reality! Tell us! We are here for you guys! Justin Biebr is so like totally awesome that we can’t imagine doing anything else.

This fanbase is like the best around and we want to show Justin how much we actually love him because it’s like a lot. This whole entire page is dedicated to the Biebs so we want to do it right.

Adding New Pictures to the Justin Bieber Gallery

I woke up this morning to a Justin Bieber song playing on the radio so I definitely woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. There really is no better sound to wake up to. On that note I just want to update my Beliebers on what I did this past November, I was at the – wait for it – Madison Square Garden Bieber Concert in New York City!!!

It blew me my mind! Props to Justin Bieber for an AH-mazing performance. Going to the concert has been on my Christmas list since September and boy, did I take pictures!

I have recently updated the Justin Bieber Gallery Page with a million and one new pictures of Justin at his MSG gig and he looks amaze balls, once again and like always. I was not able to get a VIP backstage pass, trust me I tried, but I did my best with the time I did have with Bieber and his music.

It leaves me speechless when I look the Gallery Page and see Justin at his best when performing his biggest hits. To think of the amount of energy and guts it takes to pull off such a performance, it really does take a person who is one of a kind. Justin truly stole the show and of the many, many pictures that were uploaded on the Gallery not one photo on this gallery gets even close to doing him justice.

Seeing his performance, actually being at the concert arena, is an experience like no other and I hope that my pictures can portray in the slightest just how great he was for those of you, my fellow Beliebers, who missed out.

But don’t worry gals, and guys, he is continuing his world tour this upcoming year so no matter where in the world you are you will be able to catch a show. If you haven’t bought the tickets to the show nearest to you… well… what are you waiting for!!?

If my words haven’t convinced you yet I am sure that the pictures on the Gallery Page definitely will. So don’t take my word for it, just check them out! Now, for those of you who HAVE in fact attended any Bieber related events and have any pictures you would like to share, please just holler.

More pictures will always be appreciated, there can never really be enough Bieber pictures on his Gallery Page and we, Beliebers, definitely will NOT stop ‘til we get enough.

So line up for tickets because, yes they will be sold out in a blink of an eye, and once you get there take photos! Create your own Justin Bieber Gallery Page if you will, but DO IT!

With all the things Justin already has on his plate, what with alleged murder schemes and, of course his world touring, he will much appreciate his fans for showing him their love and support by going to his concerts and uploading a bazillion new photos showing the rest of the world his greatness.