Justin Bieber Tells Us To Kiss Him!

Justin Bieber is always teasing us on his instagram. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he post shirtless pictures of him or when he takes pictures of his smoldering eyes looking right at us.

Justin Bieber's Best Fan Club 13Seriously, that look he has when he is staring into the camera makes me feel like he is looking directly into my eyes. It’s kind of scary but so awesome at the same time. It’s like you could talk to the picture and it would seem like if he was listening to you. Okay so maybe I’m the creepy one and now him! Whoops!

Well in this picture Justin Bieber is focusing on his lips. The picture is of his entire face, but Justin blurred everything out instead of his lips. “Just my lips in focus you should kiss me if you notice” was the caption for the photo he posted on instagram. His lips were looking gorgeous!

Do you know how many fans looked at that picture and probably kissed their phone? Was I the only one?! Oh, come one you know you did it too! Okay fine, let’s all pretend that we are not that crazy for our Justin Bieber. But let’s look at that caption. Is he trying to get someone’s attention? Maybe someone specific?

Justin Bieber's Best Fan Club 14Selena Gomez has been showing off her amazing body in a bunch of amazing outfits while doing promotional events for her new movie Spring Break that’s coming out soon. So maybe Justin Bieber has been catching sight of these pictures and wants to try and get Selena Gomez to come back to him. Maybe that’s also why he’s been shirtless pretty much anywhere he goes.

He goes shirtless on his tours, in pictures, and even just walking around on the sidewalk. That’s a little strange to walk on the sidewalk without a shirt but he is Justin Bieber and I’m not complaining when he does. I mean, why would you complain? He looks perfect with and WITHOUT a shirt on.

Justin Bieber's Best Fan Club 15So if he wants to continue to keep it off I won’t mind it at all. I just hope Selena Gomez is paying as much attention to these photos as much as we are! They were so perfect together. I just want to see both of them in pictures together again having those big smiles they use to share together. Justin Bieber sure makes it seem like he wants to get back together with her. Especially after making his acoustic album where a majority of the songs were love songs.

Justin Bieber shouldn’t have anything to worry about though. If he continues to look the way he does and continues to just flaunt his ripped body for everyone to see I’m sure some girl will catch his eye. But when she does I hope he doesn’t stop putting on shows for the rest of us! Like I always say, keep your head up Justin! You have such a great career and nothing can stop you from being great!

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