New Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Drama

Justin 141-uThis year has been an interesting and tough year for Justin Bieber and the years not even half way through! Justin Bieber has been going through some rough things in his life and in the media where of course everything gets blown way out of proportion so people can make a story out of him! But this all seems to stem from one thing.

All of Justin Bieber’s struggles seem to come from the breakup he and Selena Gomez went through not too long ago. Even though it wasn’t that long ago Justin Bieber is still taking the breakup pretty hard! I don’t blame him, breakups can be a real bummer and even more so if you are a celebrity because it is like every move you make or anything you say immediately goes into the media and gets blown out of proportion!

Justin_Selena_0001And then sometimes you have to deal with lies that the media writes! They could say that Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber said mean things about each other and none of it could be true! That’s just the way the media works. Justin Bieber seems to be torn apart from not having Selena Gomez in his everyday life like he used to, which is understandable because I am pretty sure Justin Bieber really cared about Selena Gomez.

Then it has even come out that Selena Gomez may still be giving Justin Bieber some mixed signals. They apparently hung out not too long ago because Justin needed to get some of his last things from Selena Gomez’s house. While he was there they supposedly talked but Selena didn’t give Justin a straight answer on how she felt about him and their relationship.

While Justin Bieber was at Selena Gomez’s house he supposedly also told her that he needed her back in his life because he didn’t like how messy his life was getting. It is so sad to read about this in the paper and the online magazine articles. Obviously Justin Bieber is going through some rough times right now and it doesn’t help that he has to see his face all over the news anytime he makes a mistake.

Justin_Selena_0002He’s human, of course he is going to make a mistake. I really think that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez should have a moment with just each other and really speak about how they feel about this whole situation. If it is finished then the relationship should be finished and they should both move on.

Neither one of them should send mixed signals. They just need to know if they should stop or keep going. I just hope at the end everyone is okay. Justin Bieber doesn’t deserve to be trash talked all over the internet and newspapers. People need to realize that he is just like us and that he is hurting over a harsh break up. It’s natural to act this way after a breakup and the newspapers shouldn’t talk bad about him for it.

Justin Bieber and Jay Z?

Justin 172-uSo I have to admit to being a huge Justin Bieber fan from the very beginning of his career, and due to his prodigy success and his consistent personal life drama Justin has become a major household name amongst people worldwide.

I am definitely one to give credit where credit is due, which is why I raise my hat to Bieber as he appears to have been following the steps of young stars such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and, last but not least, due to the ruckus he’s caused in the past couple of months – Lindsay Lohan.

Now, I have to admit to be a little disappointed by the last comparison, being compared to trouble-child Lindsay Lohan is not exactly a compliment. I know the Biebs can do better, the past couple of months have simple been a rough patch, and critics are wrong it is just a phase, Bieber is already attempting to pick up all the pieces from the past couple of months.

Justin 176-uStill he wouldn’t be Justin Bieber if there wasn’t a river of press trailing behind him all the time, and lately it appears as though the Biebs has made official that he thinks that he is above all the drama and gossip that is constantly publicized about him. Okay, I’ll bite, is he?

Like the man himself Jay-Z, Bieber states that he is not required to address every speculation that is made about him since you can’t exactly get dissed if you are Justin Bieber. When asked what he meant, Justin said, “Remember when Cam’ron dissed Jay-Z? Jay-Z didn’t even respond. Why didn’t he respond, because he’s Jay-Z.”

Justin 173-uWell, okay then, I guess the negative press is just a part of this new persona that Bieber has become. I ain’t even mad. I’d just like to point out, in the defense of beliebers and because as a Belieber myself I’d like to think not everything is out ruin Justin, so most speculations aren’t just out of the blue. Considering that he is in fact a role model to teenagers world wide, I think it is definitely his duty to address any speculation made about him to make sure that his image stays clean.

Justin, there has to be enough time at some point in your busy schedule so you can take some time to re-evaluate where you stand with your fans. I don’t want to say we are hanging by a thread here… but we can only root so much for you if all the fingers are being pointed at you, and you are doing nothing about it.

Although, I don’t care much for the twitter spats that appear to constantly be happening in this past year, I should let you know that there are better ways to handle things. If a rumor or speculation must be address, twitter is the cop out way to do it and your fans don’t deserve that. Step up, show your face and talk to the press, if you are not guilty of the speculations being made, you have nothing to be afraid of.

There Will NEVER Be Another Justin Bieber

Not again! It seems like every single day people say bad things about my Justin! I’m so sick and tired. How can they be so mean. Justin bieber is still the best singer in the world. He’s also the best dancer in the world! Nobody is like my Justin. Nobody can replace my Justin. He will be my favorite singer forever.

Justin 171-uAll the news people just hate him for no reason. Like its not even fair because hes not done anything wrong. He works so hard for his fans all the time and he still gets all these mean things said about him. My Justin doesn’t deserve any of it. He is a great person and I know it. All my friends know it too. I just can’t believe how much people lie about him.

There will never be another singer as good as my Justin. There will never be a singer that loves his fans and performs so hard like my Justin. He’s like one of a kind but people still say mean things about him. What if he stops singing forever? I would cry so much if Justin Bieber stopped singing forever because his music is the best. No singers in the world are like Justin Bieber because he is so talented, I just can’t believe it.

Justin 175-uIf I had the chance to just sing with Justin once, my life would be complete forever. So many people don’t appreciate Justin at all but I appreciate him a lot. I know how good of a person he is and what he can do, like seriously. I would treat him so well. My Justin goes through so much everyday with all the pressure coming from people. Haters and going to hate Justin. Just don’t listen to them. I like always just ignore the haters.

I love you Justin and I will always be your biggest fan ever. I follow you on twitter, facebook and instagram and I always see what you’re going through and I’m so so sorry because you don’t deserve any of it. There are so many other bad people out there that don’t get anything bad said about them but amazing people like you always get picked on for no reason. I have full faith in you.

Justin 178-uThis time will pass by Justin. Like people will see very soon that you are a great person and that you never do anything wrong. Then they will stop saying all these mean things about you and they will stop printing all these bad things about you in newspapers and magazines. I never read any of that stuff anyways because I know that it is all lies.

Even Justin Bieber is human too! I mean, give him a break. We are so lucky that we get to listen to his music! My Justin will show you that there is no one else as good as him and then the whole world will love him again!