Justin Bieber Has The Most Perfect Tattoos

Justin 129-uCan I please, please, please just talk about how much I love tattoos? Ok, ok. I love tattoos, I love Justin Bieber so if you add that up, I love Justin Bieber with tattoos. I do not think I have seen a more beautiful person.

Do not get me wrong, Justin before the tattoos was still extremely beautiful. But he looks HOT! Like blazing HOT. Oh My GOD! Me and my fellow beliebers definitely think Justin moving into this “badboy” realm is perfect! Just perfect. Let us start with the believe tattoo he has on the inside of his elbow.

This is probably the most perfect tattoo to get. I mean honestly we are #beliebers, his album is called Believe, he wants us to believe and follow our dreams. Why not get it tattooed to make it permanent right? It is just so perfect. I cannot wait until I am old enough cause I am definitely going to get believe tattooed on me!

Justin 143-uSo as a believe I know for a fact that Justin Bieber is very religious. I mean his mom is really, really religious, so I am not surprised by the tattoo on his left calf. Actually, I expected this tattoo. On his left calf is the praying hands. We all know that Justin has very religious beliefs so this is a tattoo that portrays that belief. I remember seeing this the first time when he went fishing with Selena Gomez.

I am really religious too so I love this tattoo so much. Plus it has roses, how great is that? On that same leg he has the Jesus in Thorns tattoo. I guess we can call that his religious leg – hahahaha. On his right collarbone is probably the most simplest, but yet most thoughtful tattoo! He has the year 1975 in roman numerals. No color, no flashing lights, nothing special. The thought behind though is beyond amazing. It represents the year that his mother was born.What a great son!

Justin 210aHis seagull tattoo on his left hip is the funniest, most awkward tattoo in my opinion at least. But it represents tradition. Justin Bieber’s dad and grandfather has the same tattoo which represents the cover art  for the fable of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Following tradition is awesome, so this is a great tattoo regardless of how funny it  looks.

By now, you should know that Justin Bieber is very family oriented! He cares for his family, loves his family and represents his family as much as possible. On his left shoulder is a Native American Chief that represents Justin and his grandfather’s love for Canadian hockey. The Native American chief is inspired by the mascot of a Canadian Hockey team that Justin and his grandfather watches every Friday! So thoughtful, I can’t.

This is probably my favorite tattoo by Justin Bieber. Even though I am really young I love the King of Pop Michael Jackson, so this tattoo is so awesome to me. On Justin’s left collarbone is a crown that represents the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson. What a perfect tattoo from the old King of Pop to the newest King of Pop! Perfect.

Does Justin Bieber Ever Get Depressed?

Justin 201-uAnyway they were wondering if Justin Bieber ever gets depressed. I actually think that’s a legitimate question. Do you think Justin Bieber ever gets depressed? That’s a pretty tough question to answer, so I’m going to look at it from both sides. We’re going to look at the reasons Justin Bieber has to be depressed and not be depressed, and then we’ll decide from there on whether or not he actually is.

First, let’s go through all the reasons why Justin Bieber should not be depressed. Now, where do we begin? That’s the question. Justin Bieber has so many reasons to not be depressed. Let’s start off with the obvious, his money. Justin Bieber has more money than anyone can even imagine. He can literally get anything he wants. He never ever has to worry about when his next paycheck is coming, like most people in the world today. He doesn’t have to beg his parents for those new pairs of Jordan’s or anything that a nineteen- year-old boy would want. He can get whatever he wants. Also, when I say he can get whatever he wants, I mean it. It doesn’t only mean he can get anything money can buy.

Justin 208-uJustin is a young man who probably likes to chase around girls like any other 19-year-old boy does. The only difference is, Justin doesn’t chase. The girls chase Justin. This would be any boy’s dream! Justin has it so easy when it comes to women. He can pretty much get any girl he wants (except Selena. LOL). One last thing I want to bring up is that Justin can go anywhere in the world he wants. He has pretty much been everywhere one can possibly want to go. At 19 years old, he’s been to more places in the world than even the earth’s oldest people. Now, after hearing all of that, what could Justin Bieber possibly have to be depressed about?

Justin 209-uWe’ll talk about that now. Although it seems like Justin Bieber has everything he wants as a 19 year old kid, he still has some very rough parts of his life that most of us civilians don’t know about. A celebrity like Justin Bieber, who has been famous since he was 14 years old, does not grow up with a normal childhood. Ever since 14, Justin grew up under a spotlight.

He couldn’t do anything without the world following him and his every move. There is absolutely no privacy when you are as big as a celebrity as Justin. Now at the age of 19, Justin is no longer the cute kid who is a good singer. He’s that rich, bratty teenager who gets everything he wants. People now are waiting and wanting to see him fall. This puts a lot of pressure on Justin, as he feels that he is no longer loved. Now Justin has to watch his every move to make sure bad things don’t end up in the tabloids. That’s not a great way of life if you ask me. This exemplifies what Justin Bieber has to be depressed about. Would you live Justin’s life if you could? I wouldn’t.

They Just Keep Picking On Justin…Leave Justin Bieber Alone!

Justin 203-uIt just never ends! The hate on my Justin just never ends! Everybody just always wants to keep being mean to him. All the news people and the magazine people always have to be mean to him. Its like they have nothing better to do! I mean oh my gosh! I can’t take it anymore, I can’t. There are always all these lies that come out of nowhere. I heard about how bad those things are and it’s just not true. I heard that it makes you crazy but my Justin is not crazy! He would never do something like that ever.

Cant’t everyone just stop lying about him like that all the time? It seems like every day someone else is saying bad things about him. I mean its just not fair. They need to let my Justin live his life! He’s a regular person just like us and he shouldn’t be treated so badly! It’s so bad. He should just go far away from all the haters and take a long holiday to a place like Alaska or Hawaii far away from all the haters

Justin 205-uThey chase him all over the place and give him no space ever like omg! He also needs to change his car because everybody knows his Ferrari and they always follow him. People can be so bad sometimes. Not my Justin though. He’s such a good person and he loves his fans so much. He would do anything for them. He works so hard going all around the world and he never has any time to relax. He’s such a good person. I can’t believe they actually said he did drugs, It’s just not possible. He’s not crazy at all. He’s smart and handsome. He’s also like the greatest singer and dancer ever in history!

Justin 190-uJust don’t listen to them anymore Justin. Don’t watch the news or read the magazines because they always want to just lie about you and other things. Omg its so wrong! It’ll get better I promise. Just hang in there. I know how much you love your fans and how of a person you are so you don’t need to worry. Even all my friends know. We have your back and we love you so much!!! You should just keep working hard like you always do and when you get a chance take a long break. You deserve it.

The haters will always hate. Just don’t care about it because its not true. That’s what I do. I get so sad when I hear bad things about you though and it hurts me so much because its just so mean and I know you would never do the things they say you do. Just wait it out and everyone will see you for who you really are, a great person. I know it like for a fact! Your’e a great guy and you would never do drugs so let them say whatever they want. Love you Justin ahhh!

Justin Bieber Will Always Be My #1

Justin 200-uHas anyone else heard this drama about Justin Bieber’s twitter title being called into question? There is this website out there that claims to be able to identify “fake” twitter accounts and they are saying that Justin Bieber’s followers are fake (that just sounds like an insult toward Beliebers and not based on any facts but whatever) and that Lady Gaga should still be number one. Well, I’m sorry, but Justin Bieber will always be number one so let’s just slow this down before someone says something stupid that they can not take back.

Let us take a look at what defines a fake twitter. These people claim that if your account only has a few followers and you are only following a few people, then your account is fake.

Justin 202-uI have a friend, totally real person, who only set up a twitter so that she could learn how to use it, but doesn’t let anyone follow her because she doesn’t want to feel like people are watching her learn. I get that. It’s like the painful humiliation of watching your mom think that a celebrity actually accepted her friend request on Facebook. Like, mom, that’s not how this works.

Let’s not even get into what she thought I meant when I asked her who she shipped on a TV show. I wanted to know who she was rooting for for true love. It had nothing to do with the rising cost of stamps. Ouch. Anyway, I can understand limiting your use of twitter while you are getting the hang of it. Aside from adding to her skills, my friend really only started it to follow a bunch of celebrities, not people she actually knew. Again, this is something I totally get and does not imply that her twitter is any less real than anyone elses.

Justin 206-uI mean, it’s like the guy in that movie said: “Roman got a coke zero at the gas station and is having an ok day.” Who cares?! Now, when Justin Bieber tweets the same thing, I think to myself “what does he mean ‘ok day’? I hope things are getting better. Maybe he’s just quoting the movie! Oh Justin, you are the best.” Following celebrities on twitter is way better than actual people. Well, unless you are a person obsessed with a celebrity, then that is cool to follow, too. After all, fangirls are basically an extension of the celebrity himself.

Anyway, Justin Bieber is still number one, not only based on talent, but on twitter as well. The logic behind defining a fake twitter account is flawed as I have just proven. Ha! I win. For Justin Bieber. Yes!

This is like a vote recount over twitter. Get over it. We are not talking about an elected ruler. Besides, Justin Bieber was born in Canada so it’s not like he could become president of the United States but that is another debate for another day. Who knows, maybe I can poke holes in that story, too. Justin Bieber is number one!

Another Day Another Justin Bieber Drama

Justin 207-uIt just seems like the chatter of Justin Bieber and his antics will never stop. Another day has passed and another tabloid has written about what Justin Bieber has gotten himself into. The good think about this time though is that it seems like someone is finally on Justin Bieberʼs side.

We as beliebers that care for Justin Bieber so much are finally getting the support of the magazines and blogs! And if you ask me its about time they came around and understood. I think it is really hard to be in Justin Bieberʼs shoes at the moment. He is a young guy who is always in the medias eyes.

Justin 189-uIt is like Justin Bieber can’t even go to the grocery store to get something to eat without having a photographer chase him around and try to get his photo. Now being a young guy Justin Bieber is going to make mistakes. And those mistakes are going to seem to be bigger than they are because he is someone who is famous. So now its not only what HIS parents think but now he has everyone elseʼs opinion on what he is doing and how he is doing it.

And thats not how it should be. Justin Bieber is living in this box where everyone can see him and judge him for what he does. But that is just so horrible to even think about because he is just a young guy who just happens to be one of the most popular singers at the moment.

Yes some of what he does is a little weird and yes it is not like everyone does it but what harm is he really doing when he does something like that? Is Justin Bieber breaking the law? Justin 204-uIs Justin Bieber hurting or offending someone while doing something like that? No. The only thing he is doing when doing something as silly as that is possibly just committing a fashion crime.

Everything he has done this far hasn’t affected anyone and that is why it should be nobodyʼs business how he acts out because it is HIS life to live and no one elseʼs life. He just went through a break up and break ups are hard just in general so people need to realize when you go through a break up and you go through it in the public eye, you might rebel in a different way than normal because you are a celebrity.

I am just glad that people are starting to understand the fact he is a young human being who is not perfect and is bound to make mistakes because that is what everyone does. Everyone has an off day where they just mess up and it is no different for someone who is a megastar. The only difference is that he has people following him and we don’t and we should be thankful for that.