Another Day Another Justin Bieber Drama

Justin 207-uIt just seems like the chatter of Justin Bieber and his antics will never stop. Another day has passed and another tabloid has written about what Justin Bieber has gotten himself into. The good think about this time though is that it seems like someone is finally on Justin Bieberʼs side.

We as beliebers that care for Justin Bieber so much are finally getting the support of the magazines and blogs! And if you ask me its about time they came around and understood. I think it is really hard to be in Justin Bieberʼs shoes at the moment. He is a young guy who is always in the medias eyes.

Justin 189-uIt is like Justin Bieber can’t even go to the grocery store to get something to eat without having a photographer chase him around and try to get his photo. Now being a young guy Justin Bieber is going to make mistakes. And those mistakes are going to seem to be bigger than they are because he is someone who is famous. So now its not only what HIS parents think but now he has everyone elseʼs opinion on what he is doing and how he is doing it.

And thats not how it should be. Justin Bieber is living in this box where everyone can see him and judge him for what he does. But that is just so horrible to even think about because he is just a young guy who just happens to be one of the most popular singers at the moment.

Yes some of what he does is a little weird and yes it is not like everyone does it but what harm is he really doing when he does something like that? Is Justin Bieber breaking the law? Justin 204-uIs Justin Bieber hurting or offending someone while doing something like that? No. The only thing he is doing when doing something as silly as that is possibly just committing a fashion crime.

Everything he has done this far hasn’t affected anyone and that is why it should be nobodyʼs business how he acts out because it is HIS life to live and no one elseʼs life. He just went through a break up and break ups are hard just in general so people need to realize when you go through a break up and you go through it in the public eye, you might rebel in a different way than normal because you are a celebrity.

I am just glad that people are starting to understand the fact he is a young human being who is not perfect and is bound to make mistakes because that is what everyone does. Everyone has an off day where they just mess up and it is no different for someone who is a megastar. The only difference is that he has people following him and we don’t and we should be thankful for that.

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