Does Justin Bieber Ever Get Depressed?

Justin 201-uAnyway they were wondering if Justin Bieber ever gets depressed. I actually think that’s a legitimate question. Do you think Justin Bieber ever gets depressed? That’s a pretty tough question to answer, so I’m going to look at it from both sides. We’re going to look at the reasons Justin Bieber has to be depressed and not be depressed, and then we’ll decide from there on whether or not he actually is.

First, let’s go through all the reasons why Justin Bieber should not be depressed. Now, where do we begin? That’s the question. Justin Bieber has so many reasons to not be depressed. Let’s start off with the obvious, his money. Justin Bieber has more money than anyone can even imagine. He can literally get anything he wants. He never ever has to worry about when his next paycheck is coming, like most people in the world today. He doesn’t have to beg his parents for those new pairs of Jordan’s or anything that a nineteen- year-old boy would want. He can get whatever he wants. Also, when I say he can get whatever he wants, I mean it. It doesn’t only mean he can get anything money can buy.

Justin 208-uJustin is a young man who probably likes to chase around girls like any other 19-year-old boy does. The only difference is, Justin doesn’t chase. The girls chase Justin. This would be any boy’s dream! Justin has it so easy when it comes to women. He can pretty much get any girl he wants (except Selena. LOL). One last thing I want to bring up is that Justin can go anywhere in the world he wants. He has pretty much been everywhere one can possibly want to go. At 19 years old, he’s been to more places in the world than even the earth’s oldest people. Now, after hearing all of that, what could Justin Bieber possibly have to be depressed about?

Justin 209-uWe’ll talk about that now. Although it seems like Justin Bieber has everything he wants as a 19 year old kid, he still has some very rough parts of his life that most of us civilians don’t know about. A celebrity like Justin Bieber, who has been famous since he was 14 years old, does not grow up with a normal childhood. Ever since 14, Justin grew up under a spotlight.

He couldn’t do anything without the world following him and his every move. There is absolutely no privacy when you are as big as a celebrity as Justin. Now at the age of 19, Justin is no longer the cute kid who is a good singer. He’s that rich, bratty teenager who gets everything he wants. People now are waiting and wanting to see him fall. This puts a lot of pressure on Justin, as he feels that he is no longer loved. Now Justin has to watch his every move to make sure bad things don’t end up in the tabloids. That’s not a great way of life if you ask me. This exemplifies what Justin Bieber has to be depressed about. Would you live Justin’s life if you could? I wouldn’t.

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