Justin Bieber Will Always Be My #1

Justin 200-uHas anyone else heard this drama about Justin Bieber’s twitter title being called into question? There is this website out there that claims to be able to identify “fake” twitter accounts and they are saying that Justin Bieber’s followers are fake (that just sounds like an insult toward Beliebers and not based on any facts but whatever) and that Lady Gaga should still be number one. Well, I’m sorry, but Justin Bieber will always be number one so let’s just slow this down before someone says something stupid that they can not take back.

Let us take a look at what defines a fake twitter. These people claim that if your account only has a few followers and you are only following a few people, then your account is fake.

Justin 202-uI have a friend, totally real person, who only set up a twitter so that she could learn how to use it, but doesn’t let anyone follow her because she doesn’t want to feel like people are watching her learn. I get that. It’s like the painful humiliation of watching your mom think that a celebrity actually accepted her friend request on Facebook. Like, mom, that’s not how this works.

Let’s not even get into what she thought I meant when I asked her who she shipped on a TV show. I wanted to know who she was rooting for for true love. It had nothing to do with the rising cost of stamps. Ouch. Anyway, I can understand limiting your use of twitter while you are getting the hang of it. Aside from adding to her skills, my friend really only started it to follow a bunch of celebrities, not people she actually knew. Again, this is something I totally get and does not imply that her twitter is any less real than anyone elses.

Justin 206-uI mean, it’s like the guy in that movie said: “Roman got a coke zero at the gas station and is having an ok day.” Who cares?! Now, when Justin Bieber tweets the same thing, I think to myself “what does he mean ‘ok day’? I hope things are getting better. Maybe he’s just quoting the movie! Oh Justin, you are the best.” Following celebrities on twitter is way better than actual people. Well, unless you are a person obsessed with a celebrity, then that is cool to follow, too. After all, fangirls are basically an extension of the celebrity himself.

Anyway, Justin Bieber is still number one, not only based on talent, but on twitter as well. The logic behind defining a fake twitter account is flawed as I have just proven. Ha! I win. For Justin Bieber. Yes!

This is like a vote recount over twitter. Get over it. We are not talking about an elected ruler. Besides, Justin Bieber was born in Canada so it’s not like he could become president of the United States but that is another debate for another day. Who knows, maybe I can poke holes in that story, too. Justin Bieber is number one!

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