They Just Keep Picking On Justin…Leave Justin Bieber Alone!

Justin 203-uIt just never ends! The hate on my Justin just never ends! Everybody just always wants to keep being mean to him. All the news people and the magazine people always have to be mean to him. Its like they have nothing better to do! I mean oh my gosh! I can’t take it anymore, I can’t. There are always all these lies that come out of nowhere. I heard about how bad those things are and it’s just not true. I heard that it makes you crazy but my Justin is not crazy! He would never do something like that ever.

Cant’t everyone just stop lying about him like that all the time? It seems like every day someone else is saying bad things about him. I mean its just not fair. They need to let my Justin live his life! He’s a regular person just like us and he shouldn’t be treated so badly! It’s so bad. He should just go far away from all the haters and take a long holiday to a place like Alaska or Hawaii far away from all the haters

Justin 205-uThey chase him all over the place and give him no space ever like omg! He also needs to change his car because everybody knows his Ferrari and they always follow him. People can be so bad sometimes. Not my Justin though. He’s such a good person and he loves his fans so much. He would do anything for them. He works so hard going all around the world and he never has any time to relax. He’s such a good person. I can’t believe they actually said he did drugs, It’s just not possible. He’s not crazy at all. He’s smart and handsome. He’s also like the greatest singer and dancer ever in history!

Justin 190-uJust don’t listen to them anymore Justin. Don’t watch the news or read the magazines because they always want to just lie about you and other things. Omg its so wrong! It’ll get better I promise. Just hang in there. I know how much you love your fans and how of a person you are so you don’t need to worry. Even all my friends know. We have your back and we love you so much!!! You should just keep working hard like you always do and when you get a chance take a long break. You deserve it.

The haters will always hate. Just don’t care about it because its not true. That’s what I do. I get so sad when I hear bad things about you though and it hurts me so much because its just so mean and I know you would never do the things they say you do. Just wait it out and everyone will see you for who you really are, a great person. I know it like for a fact! Your’e a great guy and you would never do drugs so let them say whatever they want. Love you Justin ahhh!

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