I Still Love You JB!!!

Justin 211-uAmerica are you serious?!? Like come on how can Justin Bieber be hated in this country. I understand like in Canada because he left to become a pop star here lol, but not here. So I saw that a poll was taken and they said Justin was unpopular in this country. Yea ok >_< !!

They couldn’t have asked me and my friends cause we would have like totally said we loved him (they probably asked some old boring guys or losers ugh!!). Me and my friends are all proud Beliebers and will always be (I love you Justin!!). No no no that poll must be all wrong. Because I mean Justin hasn’t done anything wrong. He is so perfect, and he sings the cutest love songs!! He really knows what to say to a girl <3 <3. My blonde haired hero can do no wrong!!

Justin 215-uAnd I am so tired of people saying he has no fans. Ummm yes he does!!! Have you guys not seen pictures of his sold out concerts?? They didn’t go to boo him duhh. And his concerts are not just filled with girls there are boys too, and that does not make them gay. Like the stuff I hear people say sometimes is so dumb I swear! Justin Bieber is not just a pretty face like he is so much more than that.

He is a really cool artist with really really good songs. Everyone in my school listens to him, boys and girls because he is just that good. Justin is also a great role model. He shows boys how to treat a girl and he is not all gangsta for no reason. He is just himself. And have you guys seen his movie!?!? Talk about inspiring!! I learned to never say never all because of Justin. He has been through so much and fought really really hard to get to where he is now.

So people need to just like leave him alone. Like seriously every little thing he does is a problem now? Because he said he thought Anne Frank was a nice girl and would have been a Belieber? Maybe he was tryna say his fans are nice girls (like me!) and because Anne Frank seemed like a nice girl she would have been a fan too. Like come on people give Justin a break. Besides he is such a stud!!! (Lol).

Justin_Biber_0007A cutie like Justin deserves all the fans in the world and not to be hated on like he is. Like honestly after all the things celebrities do now a days, Justin gets picked on?? He hasn’t been arrested or anything. He doesn’t act too cool for people and even lets his friends borrow his expensive cars and he gets in trouble for that? Whatever, his fans are loyal (like me!) and will not let that stop us from singing his awesome songs or going to his concerts!

If people could just see all the good Justin Bieber has done for the world, people would understand how important he is. He is a super cool star because he is a super cool guy and if you guys who don’t like him could learn to love him (the way I do) the world would be a better place! Calling all Justin Bieber fans!! Justin needs us now more than ever, we must show him that we have his back no matter what!!! Beliebers Unite!!!!

Justin Bieber Never Needs A Shirt

Justin_Biber_0088Oh my goodness! Like you have no idea how much I love Justin Bieber. I only listen to his music all day because hes just so good! He’s like the best singer in the world and he can dance so well! It’s unbelievable! Its unbeliebable! He’s just the greatest person out there. He’s so talented and he loves his fans so much! I love him so much too and all my friends love him also! He’s just so amazing! I just wish he had more concerts around me though. I don’t know why so many people hate him and say bad things about him because he’s such a good person and he has such a clean heart!

JUSTIN BIEBER IS JUST SO CUTE! He looks so cute! I wish I could be his girlfriend :( But I just love everything about him like his muscles and his tattoos. I follow him on everything from twitter to Instagram to FaceBook and I stalk him all the time lol! But I look forward to every time he has a new post. Especially if it is a picture! I love when he puts pictures up because he looks so great in all of them like I go crazy! All my friends do too! He always puts up nice pictures with such beautiful captions that I love to read! Like that one that he is hugging a fan in a cartoon. It was so sweet and I just wish I could get a hug from my Justin too because he doesn’t know how much I love him. All his posts are always so sweet and meaningful and he just looks so cute in them!

Justin 217-uLike the time he put up some pictures of him working out. He has such big muscles! I loved those pictures! I can’t believe he has time to work out so much and do everything else he does! He’s always on tour performing all around the world and he has to practice and everything and go for all these events but he still finds time to work out and get healthy. He’s so amazing. I don’t know how anyone can say bad things about a person like my Justin. It’s just not fair. I hope those people realize that they are wrong and only say good and true things about my Justin!

I just wish that I could get a hug from Justin too. It said that the person he was hugging is a belieber and it was so sweet. Im a belieber too and I think I might even be the best belieber in the world! I’m your biggest fan ever Justin! I don’t think anyone loves Justin Bieber more than I do. I love everything he does all the time because hes such an amazing performer and such a great person. All your tweets and Instagram posts are so loving and sweet so keep them coming Justin, I look forward to them every day! LOVE YOU JUSTIN!

Just Respect Justin Bieber!

Justin 214How can you not, NOT, respect Justin Bieber?! Seriously, this is why I defend Justin Bieber to everyone. This is why I am a belieber. This is why when everyone bashes him, talks bad stuff about him, I lose it and rant how amazing he is! After all, look what he did during his #believe show in Turkey.

Like that right there shows what type of man he has grown in to. If you have not heard of what he did, he stopped his Turkey show to honor the Muslim tradition, Azan, which is an Islamic call to prayer that occurs in the main Mosque 5 times a day. The beautiful thing about what he did, which he did twice by the way, in two shows, is that he is the only artist to do that. He is the only artist to stop his show to honor the Muslim tradition. Turkish artists do not even do it! That is how amazing Justin Bieber is. He cares. He is not just an amazing musician, he is also an amazing person.

This just proves how amazing he is. How many A-List, world famous, they-run-the-world musicians out there would stop the flow of their performance to pay homage to a tradition? No one else does it. Other musicians do not do it. Other world famous artists do not do it. Even Turkish artists, who should be following the tradition of Turkey and Muslims, do not do it.

Justin 213-uJustin Bieber who is of the Christian faith does not have to do it either, but he does because he is a respectful artist who cares about his fans. Let us be honest, he does this because he cares about what his fans care about. He loves his fans, which means he loves what his fans lifestyle, traditions and everything else in between. Justin Bieber knows that his turkish fans usually does the Azan five times a day, and being in a music concert might stop them from following the tradition.

Instead of letting those fans down, he made sure to stop his set, take time out and make sure those loyal fans get to follow the tradition and their daily life. It is amazingly beautiful to know that Justin Bieber cares this much! Many artists now a days do not care for their fans.To be honest, it sucks to say but most artist would never treat their fans as good as Justin Bieber treats his beliebers.

He honestly loves us and cares about us. This proved it. This proved how much he cares about his fans. And I love him for that. I always knew he had a good heart. He does music to make us happy and he makes sure he pays attention to what our likes, needs and everything else in between.

I appreciate that so much about him and makes me so happy that I am a belieber. I hope this shows everyone why every belieber will die for Justin. I hope from here on out people realize how beautiful of a human being he is. He is just perfect and now people know that!