Justin Bieber Never Needs A Shirt

Justin_Biber_0088Oh my goodness! Like you have no idea how much I love Justin Bieber. I only listen to his music all day because hes just so good! He’s like the best singer in the world and he can dance so well! It’s unbelievable! Its unbeliebable! He’s just the greatest person out there. He’s so talented and he loves his fans so much! I love him so much too and all my friends love him also! He’s just so amazing! I just wish he had more concerts around me though. I don’t know why so many people hate him and say bad things about him because he’s such a good person and he has such a clean heart!

JUSTIN BIEBER IS JUST SO CUTE! He looks so cute! I wish I could be his girlfriend :( But I just love everything about him like his muscles and his tattoos. I follow him on everything from twitter to Instagram to FaceBook and I stalk him all the time lol! But I look forward to every time he has a new post. Especially if it is a picture! I love when he puts pictures up because he looks so great in all of them like I go crazy! All my friends do too! He always puts up nice pictures with such beautiful captions that I love to read! Like that one that he is hugging a fan in a cartoon. It was so sweet and I just wish I could get a hug from my Justin too because he doesn’t know how much I love him. All his posts are always so sweet and meaningful and he just looks so cute in them!

Justin 217-uLike the time he put up some pictures of him working out. He has such big muscles! I loved those pictures! I can’t believe he has time to work out so much and do everything else he does! He’s always on tour performing all around the world and he has to practice and everything and go for all these events but he still finds time to work out and get healthy. He’s so amazing. I don’t know how anyone can say bad things about a person like my Justin. It’s just not fair. I hope those people realize that they are wrong and only say good and true things about my Justin!

I just wish that I could get a hug from Justin too. It said that the person he was hugging is a belieber and it was so sweet. Im a belieber too and I think I might even be the best belieber in the world! I’m your biggest fan ever Justin! I don’t think anyone loves Justin Bieber more than I do. I love everything he does all the time because hes such an amazing performer and such a great person. All your tweets and Instagram posts are so loving and sweet so keep them coming Justin, I look forward to them every day! LOVE YOU JUSTIN!

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