Justin Bieber Has The Best Songs

Justin 216-uOh Justin, Justin, Justin.  Why won’t they leave you alone? My poor Justin. Your songs are just soooo good that people are trying to claim them for themselves. So seriously now you stole “Somebody to love?”

How come nothing was said when the song first came out? It was a big hit so I’m sure the “creators” would have heard it and would have been like “oh wait this sounds familiar. Oh this is our song!!” But noooo they wait until way later on as if your life isn’t already stressful enough to try and pull this?? Don’t worry Justin I do not believe them. Besides Usher gave you the song and he DOES NOT come off as the type to steal. Why would he when he is as talented as he is?? He doesn’t need to steal songs when he makes songs just as beautiful if not more.

They are just mad Justin. These people wait until you become a huge star so that when they try and say you stole something they can actually become famous themselves. Idk how many times I have to say leave Justin Bieber alone!! Like really he is such a great guy, he has done nothing wrong and does not deserve all of this. When Justin is in the news people need to talk about how wonderful he is, not all the things they think they find wrong with him. I guess that’s just what it is like to be a superstar. And yes I said superstar, have you seen one of his concerts lately, they are freakin packed!

Fortunately with that evidence we can see that not everyone hates him, and all these stories cannot turn us real #Beliebers from our amazing Justin!! He will always be my Baby, Baby, Baby no matter what. And its not hard to be a fan seeing how all the things said about him are just so ridiculous.

Justin 219-uLike really they will try and find anything those jerks!! “ Justin Bieber helped that old lady across the street when the light was yellow!!” Justin I hope you are at home laughing the way I am. You must know deep down who your real fans are (MEEE) and I hope we make it all worth it for you. I hope it is just enough since they keep trying to make your life a living hell smh.

I can only imagine what they will come up with next. You are a great artist Justin, and maybe the news will mention that next time when they mention you. I wish there was a way for you to hear how your fans really feel about you personally. Who knows maybe you will even read this blog!! If you do Justin just know that I really really love you!!

And I’m a full #Belieber because your music is truly amazing and I cannot go a day without hearing it and If I ever met you (besides me passing out and crying because it will be everything to me) I would spend the whole time telling you why I love you so much!! Through everything Justin you have really managed to keep it together, you are a great role model for kids everywhere and I just want to let you know you are my hero!! J

Justin Bieber Can Drink But I Will Still Be A Belieber

Justin 220-uWe all, when I say I mean all the real beliebers, knew that one day we were all going to get older. Justin Bieber was going to get older. We were all going to reach a stage that drinking, partying and doing grown up fun stuff was going to happen.

To be honest with you, I been prepared, and I know for a fact a majority of the beliebers, have been prepared for this day to happen. I am not, not at all, am I shocked to know and see that Justin Bieber is drinking now. Let us be honest, he is 19 years old. I know people that are not even that old in high school drinking! Everyone in college is either 18 or 19 and they are all drinking. Stop acting surprised, upset or anything else. It was bound to happen. Besides, how can this affect his fanbase? We are all getting older. Do you guys think that we were going to stay 12 forever? C’mon that is so ridiculous!

All the loyal fans that have been following Justin Bieber since he sang for Usher on YouTube are getting older. He is going through what we eventually are going to go through! And you know what, what better role model to follow than his Justin Bieber! What better role model to follow the transition from teen, teenager to young adult that Justin Bieber! The same person that has been inspiring me and telling me to believe in myself since I was a young girl – just perfect. It is honestly the most natural and perfect transition. I know for a fact that other #belibers feel this way and parents should be proud! So what he is drinking, let us be real now. It is the 21 EVERYONE IN COLLEGE AT THE AGE OF 19 DRINKS! Stop, once again, putting blame on Justin.

Justin 218-uOther artists his age are probably doing worse! I am proud to be a belieber and proud to admit that I am following the footsteps he is currently taking. He inspires me, always have and always will! That is why I am a belieber because I believe in him as a person. So what he drinks, stop making a big deal of it. It is not that serious. GEEZ! Anyway I love you Justin! Keep living your life and inspiring everyone. Every single one of us beliebers love you! FOREVER. So I have a question, when Justin Bieber is 21 will the media still be making a big deal of him drinking? Do they really think it is hurting the fan base? So ridiculous.

We are not staying as kids forever. Stop treating us as KIDS! We are going to be young adults soon and being a Justin Bieber fan at this age does not mean we are going to steal beer and drink it. He is showing us the evolution of a person from kid to teen to adulthood. Give him credit for being a real person who inspires us, the beliebers!