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Justin Bieber Fanclub: You Know You Wanna Be A Part Of This!

So I was sitting at my desk (after getting out of journalism class, because that’s my last class of the day) listening to my favorite Justin Bieber song, “Never Say Never,” and trying to decide how to start my Justin Bieber blogging career, and then I thought, what better way than to start a Justin Bieber Fanclub? I’ve seen a lot of other people try to create a Justin Bieber FanClub, but it doesn’t seem like they’re all doing it right.Justin Bieber Fanclub 1

I think I would be the perfect person to start the Justin Bieber Fanclub that would beat all of the other “fans” who have tried to create their own Justin Bieber Fanclub. Now let me just say, a Justin Bieber Fanclub should be a place for his fans to come together and talk about how much they love Justin Bieber and everything he does and for them. It should be a place to spread the word about how great Justin Bieber is.

A Justin Bieber Fanclub, or at least my Justin Bieber Fanclub will not be somewhere where just anyone is allowed to come in and bash or talk badly about someone as perfect as Justin Bieber. Those people should be denied entry to my Justin Bieber Fanclub. Only the truest, most dedicated fans will be members of my Justin Bieber Fanclub. They would be fans who only want to spread good news, and help Justin Bieber gain more and more fans.Justin Bieber Fanclub 2

The members would have to be fans just like I am a fan, and I’m someone who listens to Justin Bieber everyday and knows all the words to every song, not just “Boyfriend.” I’ve been to 5 of his concerts and I own all of his books, even the ones not written by him. The people that are a part of my Justin Bieber Fanclub should be similar to me in these regards. I want the best Justin Bieber fans for my Justin Bieber Fanclub.

Once the negative Justin Bieber bashers are not allowed access to my Justin Bieber Fanclub, it will be the best place to talk about all things Justin Bieber. We will broadcast every little bit of Justin Bieber news, give fans access to all of his music videos and anything else fans could want out of a Justin Bieber Fanclub.

Since I am creating this Justin Bieber Fanclub, I thought I should tell you why I am such a diehard Justin Bieber fan myself! Well, for starters, he’s perfect; every little thing about him is perfect, obviously. From his haircut, to his many pairs of Supra’s to his relationship with Selena Gomez (even though I wish it were me!), I love it all. I’ve been a member of another Justin Bieber Fanclub since his YouTube days and have followed everything he has done since the very beginning.
Justin Bieber Fanclub 3I could watch his interviews and concert videos all day and never get bored. I even went to the Anderson Cooper show where Justin Bieber’s mom was interviewed and got a copy of her book! Usually I don’t read biographies of adults, but since it’s of Justin Bieber’s mom I made an exception and I wanted to know everything I could about Justin Bieber and his family before I started my Justin Bieber Fanclub.

I guess I should start with talking about how much I love Justin Bieber’s music. I think that every album Justin Bieber releases is more inspiring than the last. I can remember the first time I listened to My World 2.0. and it changed my life. Maybe he was just a kid when he started and recorded this album, but I knew after hearing “Baby” that I would be a fan, and I have been ever since. You wanna know my all time favorite Justin Bieber song?

It wasn’t easy to narrow it down, but it would have to be “As Long As You Love Me,” because you can see how much Justin has grown from a young kid into an adult. That song is all about loving someone through whatever is thrown at you, through rich or poor, and this is exactly what I want my Justin Bieber Fanclub to stand for. We love Justin through everything and “as long as we love Justin Bieber” he can keep going and making great music for his fans. This is why I’m even starting my Justin Bieber Fanclub.

When I was 12, my mom took me to Justin Bieber’s concert and I finally felt the connection that all the other fans talk about. It felt like he was singing to me personally. Seeing him live really enhanced my fan experience and made me feel like I was that much closer to him. I think that everyone should get the chance to see Justin Bieber live in concert. I got to relive the experience when I saw his Never Say Never film, which, as all fans should know, was a 3D concert and if you think Justin Bieber is perfect in 2D, just wait until you see him in 3D.Justin Bieber Fanclub

Never Say Never is my favorite movie, even though it isn’t really a movie at all. It was much more than just a concert though, and let fans see what it was like to be Justin Bieber with videos from his childhood and behind the scenes. I want my Justin Bieber Fanclub to give fans the same kind of look at Justin Bieber, with videos and songs and pictures fans can all see whenever they want.

Another one of my favorite things about Justin Bieber is that he really wants his fans to grow up to be the kind of people that help others and are compassionate about every living thing, because everyone is fighting their own battle. He reaches out to all of his fans, whether they are sick or less fortunate than others and does what he can to help. Justin Bieber has always inspired me to “never say never” and to always “believe.”

These are only a few the reasons why I think my Justin Bieber fanclub is so important to his true fans. I want to not only give fans a place to come and talk about all of the fun things Justin Bieber is up to like new music or tour dates, but I also want to spread the word about the great person that Justin Bieber is and all of the things he does for his fans simply because he appreciates them.Justin Bieber Fanclub 6
I want people to know about all of the acts of kindness and charity Justin Bieber takes part in. My Justin Bieber fanclub can make that message go viral. Because of the number of fans Justin Bieber has, and the number of fan that will want to be a part of my Justin Bieber fan club (because it will be the best Justin Bieber Fanclub out there), we will be able to tell everyone about who Justin Bieber is and what he has accomplished by only 18! I want to use this Justin Bieber fanclub to take Justin Bieber ‘s fandom to the next level and create a place where new fans can come to learn about how wonderful a performer and a person Justin Bieber is.

Let me just tell you, I cannot wait to start setting up my Justin Bieber Fanclub! All of us true Justin Bieber fans will have one place to go to watch Justin Bieber, listen to Justin Bieber, learn about Justin Bieber and most of all talk about Justin Bieber. I don’t think there is a better place on the web than a Justin Bieber fanclub for “beliebers” like us!

23 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Fanclub

  1. I’m a 30 year old Belieber from Sweden. I never thought I could feel this way for a boy, but he’s a big part of my life. It’s his music that wakes me up in the morning and put me to sleep at night, that includes my two children ho also are Beliebers :-) I have a twitter account only to follow him and other beliebers, so this fan site is absolutely something for me:-) I’m dedicated for the rest of my life! Find me on twitter: SwaggyMamaPam

  2. Just like.. woaw.. It’s amazing to read things like this about a guy i love so much and know that others people are really like me.. oh my god.. I just want me to be you, to have to at 5 of his concerts but in fact.. it doesn’t.. I will go to is concert the 19th march 2013 in Paris, because yes I’m french, so.. sorry for my english. ahah! Just want to say to you.. that you’re incredible and hat you’ve done is umbelievable.. How can I join this club? thank you to reply.
    Clara. xx

  3. Hello Justin Bieber my name is Ricci Leigh Smith,I’am from Shelbvyille,IL 62565
    I’am your biggest fan,I love your music,you are the coolest and the cutest one on the planet,I love you Justin Bieber I hope I get to see you in chicago,IL on July 9.I love you again Justin Bieber your are my hero.

  4. NO! Justin do not druak that beer that stuff will kill you do want your mother to see you draning like that,I don’t think so you put that down now Justin Drow Bieber I don’t you to do that stuff so plesce don’t do it.

  5. I absolute adore my hero, Mr. Bieber. His hair is sooo sexy. I have a giant poster of him that just makes my heart melt. xoxoxxo Justin.

  6. I love Justin and I`ve been to 2 of his concerts and I read all of the articles written they were amazing and true but I do like this fan club I `ve been looking for a Justin Bieber fan club and I think I found it I`m going to sign up like right now <3 *NECER SAY NEVER*<3

    • We have a new sign up program coming in a few weeks that will allow new fan members to sign up and get free JB stuff and take surveys and other fab things! We will let you know, but keep looking and we have your name on the list to sign up!

  7. I love Justin sooooooooooooooo much <3 And how do i join here on this amazing Justin Bieber fan club :) ????? I really want to join i love justin bieber sooooooooo much and my dream is to meet my Idol someday :) I know i will meet him cause Once a Belieber,Always a Belieber and to describe how much my idol means the world to me Justin drew bieber 4 life <33333 As Long As You love Me is my favorite Justin bieber song of all time and ive been a Belieber for 3 years almost 4 ;) #VoteforJustinforEMA'S2013 ;) ))))))) I love you Justin…… <3

    Follow me on twitter on the bieber fever fan club.com (Only if you are on it) Thank you love you bye bye <3 ;)

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