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Our Justin Bieber Gallery Is COMING SOON and I need your help with ideas. Please give me comments on how you want me to set up our Justin Bieber Gallery.

So I don’t want to bombard you with Justin Bieber posts, just kidding I do and I know you love it as much as I do, and I have lots of excited news about the Justin Bieber gallery for you! Therefore, I bring you another super fun, Justin Bieber packed fanclub update.

We talked a little bit about the Justin Bieber gallery in my first ever post about my Justin Bieber fanclub where I introduced you to everything we will be bringing to you. I ssid really great things about the Justin Bieber gallery like it will be “chronicling every hair cut and pair of shoes this heartthrob has ever been photographed with all for your viewing pleasure.” (I’m really funny and clever right?) Yep, that means from everything from baby Justin to 18 year old Justin,and every single important moment that’s in-between. I want you all to have access to different pictures from every concert and every appearance and every single everything we can give to you!

Do you want to know what will actually make my Justin Bieber gallery better than all of other Justin Bieber galleries out there in cyber space? (Well, besides the fact that it’s mine!) I think you know my answer to that question every single time I ask you. It’s you guys duh! The fans and the members of my fan club will have a ton of say in what pictures go into the gallery and they will be helping add to the gallery every day.

Since I’m only in 8th grade and I have school and homework and other horrible, terrible things that my parents make me do, I can’t be at every Justin Bieber concert and I guess it would be kind of hard to travel all over the world following him, even though that would literally be the most fun thing I could ever do. Could you image just making your life one big Justin Bieber tour? My dad was saying that people used to do that in the 1960′s for some “dead” band or something like that, but I know that following Justin Bieber around the world we be way cooler than that was. 

But anyways, that’s where you guys come in! I know that my favorite Justin Bieber fanclub members come from all over the world and there will probably be at least one of you at every Justin Bieber show, and I know you all take pictures when you go to his concerts. So, you guys can share your pictures that you take at whatever Justin Bieber concert you go to with me and I will put them in my Justin Bieber gallery. That way all you Justin Bieber fans won’t miss any Justin Bieber concert images, even if you can’t be there.

Also, the images you submit to the Justin Bieber gallery don’t just have to be of Justin Bieber in concert, they can be any kind of Justin Bieber images. I want to see your fan pictures, Any pictures of you with him are perfect for the Justin Bieber gallery, just in case you run into him on the street (Ah I’d die!) or maybe you have an absolute favorite picture of Justin Bieber that maybe I’m missing from the Justin Bieber gallery. (for whatever reason that might be!)

That’s not all my Justin Bieber gallery will have. It’s true you can submit any images you want, but it’s going to be so much more than that. I also want to create a forum out of it. This Justin Bieber gallery will have lots of space for all of your comment, thoughts  feelings and anything else you want to say about a picture of Justin Bieber.

Now I know how I feel when I see pictures of Justin Bieber, it can get a little overwhelming. All those feelings for him just coming rushing forward and there is really no stopping them. When I’m participating in most other Justin Bieber communities and fan clubs I almost feel embarrassed to share my feelings about Justin Bieber on a pictures because I just know that some hater is going to make fun of me and probably make fun of Justin too. That is the last thing I want to happen here.

Remember my one rule for this fan club? It’s NO HATE! We only want lots of positivism  and obviously, mostly Justin Bieber related positivism because this is a place for you to feel 100% comfortable with expressing how you feel and just how much you love our favorite teen heartthrob, Mr. Justin Bieber. In this Justin Bieber fanclub you are not even allowed to be a part of the fanclub if we find that you have bashed Justin Bieber in any way or have taken part in negative activity towards Justin Bieber. You can’t be part of the fan club at all. There will be no negativity!

Here in the Justin Bieber gallery you can say whatever you want about Justin Bieber, as long as it’s positive. You can talk about your dream date with Justin Bieber or the wedding you have planned between you and him, or even what you think your kids will like. I know that one time, I saw this picture of Justin Bieber in concert and I just died and all of a sudden I started dreaming about my first date with him and what I would wear and what he would be wearing and wear we were going and eating spaghetti bologna (because that’s Justin’s favorite meal).

Then my day dream just kept going and going and all of a sudden we were married and I was like “Now how did I get here?!” Not that I was complaining, but sometime my thoughts get the best of me especially when Justin Bieber is thrown into them. Now, if I had seen this picture on my Justin Bieber fanclub in my Justin Bieber gallery then I would have felt completely comfortable telling my dream/story to everyone, but in other galleries, not so much!

You finallly have a chance to tell your true love for Justin, and nothing is better than that. You Justin Bieber fans have free reign to say anything you want about your love for Justin. So go crazy and tell him exactly how you feel, or like I said whatever you want because no one is here to judge you. We’ll all be here to support you and most likely to agree with you!

So there you have it, these are my plans for my upcoming Justin Bieber gallery and I really can’t wait to unveil it for all of you Justin Bieber fans. It’s just going to be so full of the best Justin Bieber images, like the one of Justin Bieber when he was probably around 4 pointing at the camera, or the one of him on the cover of Rolling Stone, which I may or may not have as my computer background!
There will be so many you won’t know which oen to comment on first. This Justin Bieber gallery is about to be the BEST Justin Bieber gallery that ever existed, so you better come back to check it out because I know that is crucial for any realy Justin Bieber fan. And, you won’t want to leave you opinion unheard. I know everyone will want to be first to comment on all of the great pictures in my Justin Bieber gallery for my Justin Bieber fanclub.

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