Noah Cyrus is a Justin Bieber Fan Girl!

Justin 187-uWoah have you heard about Noah Cyrus? Yea, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus’ sister and daughter. Being part of a celebrity family hasn’t stopped this 13 year old from being star struck for a 19 year old hot Canadian pop singer. Yes, Noah Cyrus called Justin Bieber her “first love” and admitted to “stealing his clothes.”

How do we know this? Noah told Teen Vogue in a recent issue. Noah said, “When I met Justin Bieber, I could barely speak. I was just going crazy inside. It was at an awards show in Canada, and after he went and changed for his next set, I kind of stole his clothes. He doesn’t know it yet.” Can you believe this?

I don’t know how I didn’t think of that! She’s such a smart and lucky girl! “Miley’s stylist dressed him for that even, and they had his stuff, so I took it home!” she proceeded to say in the interview. “Justin was my first love.” WOW those are some bold words Miss Cyrus. If Noah were 18, I doubt he’d let his daughter date Justin Bieber.

Justin 177-uHe would probably think nobody is good enough for his daughter. Can you blame Noah Cyrus for “falling” for Justin Bieber? Absolutely not. He’s a gorgeous young man with plenty of potential, although it seems like he’s reached the top.

Justin continues to grow and prosper and more and more girls are starting to follow him. He has nowhere to go but up in my opinion. Noah Cyrus sees the same potential and sees his inner beauty as well as his gorgeous looks. How many other 13-year-old girls do you think fall for Justin Bieber? Probably a lot.

Justin 186-uThe only difference with Noah is that she actually met him, and has his clothes. I think it is hilarious how Noah Cyrus stole Justin Bieber’s clothes. She took advantage of the fact that she has a celebrity family and I don’t blame her. You have to use what you can, and she used her status to get into Justin Bieber’s room and steal his clothes in between sets.

I think it is pretty easier for Noah to spend a day with Justin. I have a perfect idea for what they could do together. Since Noah said she loves to ride horses, she could invite Justin Bieber over for a day of horseback riding! What a marvelous idea! They could take a slow ride together and Noah could teach Justin how to ride a horse! I’m sure he doesn’t know how because he’s from Canada. I’m pretty sure they don’t ride many horses up there.

Anyway, Noah and Justin could take a slow ride around the ranch on horses while they get to know each other a little bit. This would be a great gesture by Justin Bieber. It could help restore his image a little bit. If he did this for Noah, I’m sure the public and the Cryus family would be very flattered and appreciative. Justin is a good kid and doing something like this wouldn’t be out of reach for him.

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Get Opera-fied

Justin 184-uLike Justin Bieber is the best singer alive! I cant even take it! He’s just so cute and he sings so well. I just love all his music and ‘Baby’ is my favorite. But I just heard a my favorite Justin Bieber new song get turned into a opera kind of song but it was so cool! I can’t believe that I actually loved it! It was so nice and sweet. Its like the song was so relaxing but it sounded just like the actual Justin Bieber song.

It was ‘Beauty and the Beat’. It was like I was saying the words while I was listening to it because there were no words. It was just amazing. I think I love all types of Justin Bieber songs in whatever way.

I loved it so much but if there were words to it or if my Justin could sing along with it, it would’ve been the best thing ever! I made all my friends listen to it too and they all loved it as much as me except for this one girl but we’re not even that like close. But we all love Justin Bieber even though he’s really mine! We decided that we would also make a song of Justin Bieber like the opera one but we all only play the piano so we’re going to do it on that. It’s going to be so good!

Justin 183-uSo many more people should make music like that because its so good to listen to and it can even help you fall asleep at night. The best part was that the song was long! I get really sad when Justin’s songs finish on my iPod but this song was long and it was so good! Actually anyone that plays a Justin Bieber song will make it sound amazing because Justin Bieber is amazing himself. I just wish all the newspaper and magazine people would stop being so mean to him all the time and just give him a break because he’s making such good music with Nicki Minaj and everyone else.

I know that my Justin is good person and he’ll make everyone happy with him again. They all just want to say all these lies about him and everything but I know that its all lies. He never does anything wrong because he’s a great person. Everyone should just keep loving his music and then the whole world will see Justin as a real person. I mean im like his number one fan and I’m going to work hard every day to make everyone love him.

I will also work on my piano song and more people out there should make different types of my Justin’s music because its so good! I have my iPod full of only Justin Bieber songs and everyone thinks I’m crazy but the songs are so good and I love them so much I cant even take it! I mean, I’m going to listen to that song again and again and again right now. I love you Justin!

I Mean, I Would Skip Exams To Go To A Justin Bieber Concert

I wish I could see Justin Bieber. I would do anything to be at a concert! Like I would do anything for tickets just for a chance to see him from far and hear his voice. It would just be amazing. No one loves Justin like I do. Justin 182-uLike I watch all the videos of Justin on youtube and I try and find videos of all his concerts. They are just so amazing and I want to go for one so badly. That is all that is on my mind. MY JUSTIN!

Even though all these bad people are saying all these mean things about him, he is still the best singer ever. They are all just lying because he’s famous and they are bad people so they print all these nasty things about him in newspapers and magazines. But he still performs so well. He doesn’t listen to any of the haters and he just does his best all the time, This shows what a great person my Justin is and he loves his fans so much more that you can imagine. But I am still his number one fan. You don’t even know.

If there was a concert in my city, you don’t even know what I would do. I wouldn’t care about anything else at all in my life. I would focus only on My justin. I would save up all my allowance for months just to be able to get a ticket to see him perform. It would be incredible. I wouldn’t do anything else but think about him till he comes. I would spend weeks picking out the perfect outfit to see him in and get all my things ready that I want him to autograph like my posters, t-shirts, books and CDs. Justin 188-uIt would be incredible. Im getting excited just thinking about it. I wouldn’t care about any of my school work or homework or exams or tests or anything!

My Justin would be on my mind all the time. I would need to prepare so much just to see him. Even my friends would be so excited. Gosh we would spend all days and nights talking about how we’re going to see him. I don’t care how much the tickets would be because it would be worth it. I also wish he would see me and talk to me. Like I would just cry and hug him. I love him so much!

There should be like no school at all anymore when he comes because no one would care about doing work anymore. My life is Justin Bieber and I am obsessed so much. Come here fast JB! You would make me and all of my friends so happy if you did a show here! The way you dance and sing is just so cool. I cant even wait any longer. I am going to start getting ready for you right now because I’m already too excited!

Justin Bieber Gets In Trouble For His Tattoo

I will be the first to admit that Justin Bieber is not perfect, but at the same time, it has to be said that the media is totally looking for things to pick on when it comes to his behavior; even when he’s just being nice! I was reading that this famous tattoo artist, is famous for tattooing famous people. Justin 179-uYes, he is basically famous for knowing famous people. He is practically a reality star without the show. Well, he might have a show for all I know. I do not usually follow tattoo culture. This, however, is a special occasion.

So this guy is kind of a genius of a fan girl when you think about it because whenever he puts a tattoo on a celebrity, he gets them to tattoo him back. It is practically a permanent autograph. He has had Katy Perry do it, and Chris Brown. Justin Bieber did it after he was given a ‘believe’ tattoo (so so cute/awesome/amazing but I will talk about that later). He tattooed a little mouse or something and wrote the word ‘swaggy’ under it and now the media and the cops and the health department are all jumping on Justin Bieber’s back.

Justin 181-uNot Katy Perry. Not Chris Brown. And we all know that Chris Brown’s behavior is ten times worse than Justin Bieber’s behavior on any given day. I said it. Hope he doesn’t find out where I live. Anyway, the health department is talking about how he is technically acting like an unlicensed tattoo artist and is violating health codes and stuff. I think it is really messed up that people single out Justin Bieber in times like these. So unfair.

If the health department was made up of Beliebers, none of this would even have been brought to our attention. Maybe if Justin Bieber looked as good in a whipped cream canon bra as Katy Perry, the health department would look the other way. It is really unfair that the Justin Bieber haters are starting to rise to power and rule the world. Justin Bieber is all about believing in yourself, in him, and in the good in the world.

When doing something friendly that all of the other celebrities are doing, I do not know why any law enforcement official or government branch or department would feel the need to pick on a teenager. I know Justin Bieber is an adult, but he is still in his teens and was just doing something that a lot of other people have done without a hitch. I do not think it is fair, even if he is not an American citizen, to treat Justin Bieber differently from other celebrities.

New Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Drama

Justin 141-uThis year has been an interesting and tough year for Justin Bieber and the years not even half way through! Justin Bieber has been going through some rough things in his life and in the media where of course everything gets blown way out of proportion so people can make a story out of him! But this all seems to stem from one thing.

All of Justin Bieber’s struggles seem to come from the breakup he and Selena Gomez went through not too long ago. Even though it wasn’t that long ago Justin Bieber is still taking the breakup pretty hard! I don’t blame him, breakups can be a real bummer and even more so if you are a celebrity because it is like every move you make or anything you say immediately goes into the media and gets blown out of proportion!

Justin_Selena_0001And then sometimes you have to deal with lies that the media writes! They could say that Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber said mean things about each other and none of it could be true! That’s just the way the media works. Justin Bieber seems to be torn apart from not having Selena Gomez in his everyday life like he used to, which is understandable because I am pretty sure Justin Bieber really cared about Selena Gomez.

Then it has even come out that Selena Gomez may still be giving Justin Bieber some mixed signals. They apparently hung out not too long ago because Justin needed to get some of his last things from Selena Gomez’s house. While he was there they supposedly talked but Selena didn’t give Justin a straight answer on how she felt about him and their relationship.

While Justin Bieber was at Selena Gomez’s house he supposedly also told her that he needed her back in his life because he didn’t like how messy his life was getting. It is so sad to read about this in the paper and the online magazine articles. Obviously Justin Bieber is going through some rough times right now and it doesn’t help that he has to see his face all over the news anytime he makes a mistake.

Justin_Selena_0002He’s human, of course he is going to make a mistake. I really think that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez should have a moment with just each other and really speak about how they feel about this whole situation. If it is finished then the relationship should be finished and they should both move on.

Neither one of them should send mixed signals. They just need to know if they should stop or keep going. I just hope at the end everyone is okay. Justin Bieber doesn’t deserve to be trash talked all over the internet and newspapers. People need to realize that he is just like us and that he is hurting over a harsh break up. It’s natural to act this way after a breakup and the newspapers shouldn’t talk bad about him for it.

Justin Bieber and Jay Z?

Justin 172-uSo I have to admit to being a huge Justin Bieber fan from the very beginning of his career, and due to his prodigy success and his consistent personal life drama Justin has become a major household name amongst people worldwide.

I am definitely one to give credit where credit is due, which is why I raise my hat to Bieber as he appears to have been following the steps of young stars such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and, last but not least, due to the ruckus he’s caused in the past couple of months – Lindsay Lohan.

Now, I have to admit to be a little disappointed by the last comparison, being compared to trouble-child Lindsay Lohan is not exactly a compliment. I know the Biebs can do better, the past couple of months have simple been a rough patch, and critics are wrong it is just a phase, Bieber is already attempting to pick up all the pieces from the past couple of months.

Justin 176-uStill he wouldn’t be Justin Bieber if there wasn’t a river of press trailing behind him all the time, and lately it appears as though the Biebs has made official that he thinks that he is above all the drama and gossip that is constantly publicized about him. Okay, I’ll bite, is he?

Like the man himself Jay-Z, Bieber states that he is not required to address every speculation that is made about him since you can’t exactly get dissed if you are Justin Bieber. When asked what he meant, Justin said, “Remember when Cam’ron dissed Jay-Z? Jay-Z didn’t even respond. Why didn’t he respond, because he’s Jay-Z.”

Justin 173-uWell, okay then, I guess the negative press is just a part of this new persona that Bieber has become. I ain’t even mad. I’d just like to point out, in the defense of beliebers and because as a Belieber myself I’d like to think not everything is out ruin Justin, so most speculations aren’t just out of the blue. Considering that he is in fact a role model to teenagers world wide, I think it is definitely his duty to address any speculation made about him to make sure that his image stays clean.

Justin, there has to be enough time at some point in your busy schedule so you can take some time to re-evaluate where you stand with your fans. I don’t want to say we are hanging by a thread here… but we can only root so much for you if all the fingers are being pointed at you, and you are doing nothing about it.

Although, I don’t care much for the twitter spats that appear to constantly be happening in this past year, I should let you know that there are better ways to handle things. If a rumor or speculation must be address, twitter is the cop out way to do it and your fans don’t deserve that. Step up, show your face and talk to the press, if you are not guilty of the speculations being made, you have nothing to be afraid of.

There Will NEVER Be Another Justin Bieber

Not again! It seems like every single day people say bad things about my Justin! I’m so sick and tired. How can they be so mean. Justin bieber is still the best singer in the world. He’s also the best dancer in the world! Nobody is like my Justin. Nobody can replace my Justin. He will be my favorite singer forever.

Justin 171-uAll the news people just hate him for no reason. Like its not even fair because hes not done anything wrong. He works so hard for his fans all the time and he still gets all these mean things said about him. My Justin doesn’t deserve any of it. He is a great person and I know it. All my friends know it too. I just can’t believe how much people lie about him.

There will never be another singer as good as my Justin. There will never be a singer that loves his fans and performs so hard like my Justin. He’s like one of a kind but people still say mean things about him. What if he stops singing forever? I would cry so much if Justin Bieber stopped singing forever because his music is the best. No singers in the world are like Justin Bieber because he is so talented, I just can’t believe it.

Justin 175-uIf I had the chance to just sing with Justin once, my life would be complete forever. So many people don’t appreciate Justin at all but I appreciate him a lot. I know how good of a person he is and what he can do, like seriously. I would treat him so well. My Justin goes through so much everyday with all the pressure coming from people. Haters and going to hate Justin. Just don’t listen to them. I like always just ignore the haters.

I love you Justin and I will always be your biggest fan ever. I follow you on twitter, facebook and instagram and I always see what you’re going through and I’m so so sorry because you don’t deserve any of it. There are so many other bad people out there that don’t get anything bad said about them but amazing people like you always get picked on for no reason. I have full faith in you.

Justin 178-uThis time will pass by Justin. Like people will see very soon that you are a great person and that you never do anything wrong. Then they will stop saying all these mean things about you and they will stop printing all these bad things about you in newspapers and magazines. I never read any of that stuff anyways because I know that it is all lies.

Even Justin Bieber is human too! I mean, give him a break. We are so lucky that we get to listen to his music! My Justin will show you that there is no one else as good as him and then the whole world will love him again!

The Justin Bieber All Around the World Video Is Perfect

The Justin Bieber All Around the World video is the most perfectly done music video masterpiece I have ever seen and that has ever been created in the history of music and music video making. I can not imagine not loving this video at any point in the future. It is amazing. I honestly think I can watch it a thousand times without being tired of it.

Justin 174-uThe video shows a mash-up of concert footage from world tour and his performances of the song at various venues all around the world. The angle is also of the tour from his point of view, not the audience point of view which makes it even cooler and more personal in my opinion.

That’s why I love watching it so much. It’s like seeing and hearing Justin Bieber explain something directly to me. It feels really personal and makes me love him even more because I feel like I know him better than ever.

Justin 143-uI think people forget the art that goes into making music videos. Everyone is so obsessed with giant explosions and transforming car robot things from space on TV that they forget that perfect connection created when music meets visual. How it can take you away from all of the crazy stuff in your actual world.

It’s perfect for people who don’t have time to waste three hours in a movie theater. Music videos will hopefully never go away because these four-minute little escapes help all of us feel closer to our idols. They also help to expose us all to new dance moves that can go with our favorite songs and favorite our favorite artists. Choreography is a lost art that Justin Bieber is clearly trying to save.

Justin Bieber also takes the time in this video to show us all of the amazingly beautiful places he’s visited from, well obviously, all around the world. He shows us Big Ben, which I think England is trying to rename, but since they just made it legal for royal daughters to have the same birthright to the crown as sons, something tells me that the change might take awhile.

Justin 161-uAnyway, the Eiffel Tower also pops up in the video and totally made me think of how awesome it would be to spend the night in Paris with Justin Bieber and how it would be the greatest experience of my entire life.

But then I realized how crazy some of the girls in the video look. Like, would I be that crazy if it were me? I can not say yes, and I can not say no at this point. I did wonder, though. At the same time, how lucky are these girls that they are actually in a Justin Bieber music video. That is just awesome.

I would claim that little piece of fame forever. Then again, I don’t know if I would want to admit that I was the girl who climbed the tree, or the one who ran alongside of his car in the middle of the street.

Let’s Support Justin Bieber A Little More

Although Justin Bieber has plenty of support from his fans, he also deserves a little bit of support from his critics. Although they don’t like him as much as us ‘beliebers’ do, they should respect him for what he has accomplished.

Justin 168-uJustin Bieber started his music career when he was just 14 years old. Now he is worth more money than anyone can dream of and has over 37 million followers on twitter. That’s more followers than some religions in the world!

It seems like many people in the world are starting to believe Justin Bieber is heading towards a free fall. From being late for shows to vomiting on stage, people are beginning to believe that all these mishaps by Justin are leading up to something bigger. Let’s hope not. Justin is the most successful pop star in the world right now, and if he starts to spiral downward it’s going to be very hard to come back.

Justin 170-uMany people are rooting for Justin to fall. These people are very jealous of his fame and success and wish nothing but bad things to happen to Justin. Why? Why do people with harm on others? Especially a famous and loved celebrity like Justin Bieber? Justin is a great person and does not deserve any harm. He also does not deserve the disrespect he gets from the media and some people.

People need to stop focusing on the negative about Justin and start focusing on the positive. So what if Justin had a few mishaps on his last tour doesn’t everybody? Why is it only when Justin messes up for a second everybody jumps on him? You don’t see that with other celebrities.

As of late, the tabloids don’t favor Justin. They are all making him look worse than the news actually is. Why don’t they start writing about great things about Justin? They should write about how he is a bigger fan of his fans than they are fans of him. They also should write about how much he cares about his family and helping other people. That’s what really matters.

Justin 169-uThey shouldn’t focus on writing about his negatives. Everybody has their negatives. I wish someone would come out and write about all the negatives of these tabloid writers themselves. Someone should get involved in the personal lives of these tabloid writers and find some beef on them, then air it out to the whole world.

That’s what these writers need; a reality check. If someone would come in and criticize their personal lives, it would give them a little taste of their own medicine.

Anyway, the bottom line is that people need to get off Justin’s back and need to start saying some positive things about him. There are plenty of positive things to say about Justin, it’s just that people like to focus on the little bad that there is.

People Still Can’t Leave Justin Bieber Alone

I am just tired. I’m just tired of seeing my Justin go through all of this. Its just not fair. Everyone is wrong. They are all wrong about the things they say about him. He does nothing wrong and he’s done nothing wrong before. It’s all just lies and I can’t take it anymore. People just follow him wherever he goes just so they can say something bad about what he does. He’s just a normal person like me! Everyone needs a break.

Justin 164-uMy Justin is working so hard and he never gets a chance to just be himself. Whenever he tries to have any fun, there are all these people chasing him and being so mean to him. Even when he is singing and performing, there are still people troubling him for no reason. He never has any freedom!

We all need a break but Justin never gets one at all. He’s working so hard trying to make his fans happy and he never gets anything good said about him. Like, how can people be so mean to him! It just makes no sense because I know my Justin and he is a good person. Justin I got your back even if everyone else doesn’t. I love you Justin! I follow him on twitter, instagram, facebook and everything else.

He is working so hard all around the world. My Justin just needs a vacation far far far away from all the news people that chase him around. I wish I could go on vacation with you JB!

Justin 155-uThey’re not going to listen. They will keep on following you because you’re so famous. You just need to stop listening to all of those bad people. There are so many people that love you a lot just like me and my friends. Just don’t read any of the magazines and newspapers. That’s what I do.

I never read anything because I know it’ll just make me cry and it’s not true anyways. Don’t fight with anyone because that’s just what they want! Like, my Justin should just keep singing and being nice to all his fans because his true fans would never stab him in the back. I support you all the way JB!

Justin 167-uI wish the news people would see the real Justin Bieber for the person he is and not just lie about him all the time. I just can’t believe how people could be so cruel. My justin is strong though and he’ll make it through this. It’ll all be over soon once the people see how amazing Justin really is.

Like I cry all the time just thinking about what my Justin is going through. I would take care of Justin if I could. Come to New York soon Justin, because I miss you soo much. You’re a good person and I know it. I’m going to tear any bad thing I read about you in the newspapers or magazines. Take care Justin and it’ll be alright soon I promise!