Justin Bieber Gallery Just Keeps Getting Better

So my Justin Bieber gallery has got to be one of the best ones out there, I can’t wait for it to go live and for all of you Justin Bieber fans to see it because you are literally going to die.

I probably spend about 3 hours a day trying to find only the best picture of Justin Bieber to fill my gallery with the newest, best, hottest pictures of Justin Bieber on the web.

I also still want to encourage all of you guys to send me your favorite pictures! Because I can’t have a perfectly complete Justin Bieber gallery without all his fans’ favorite pictures of him, obviously.

So basically I’m just updating you on that fact that all of the Jingle Ball action has given me literally the BEST Justin Bieber Jingle Ball album ever, or at least I think so!

I can’t believe he performed at almost all of the Jingle Ball concerts and was literally all over the place doing it, AND I didn’t even get to go to one. UGH, my parents are so annoying, It’s not like the concert was even expensive.

BUT back to all of the pictures I found. It seems like lately Biebs has been a fan of taking off his shirt in concert, and trust me, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we’re fans of that too!

Some people are saying that it’s because Justin Bieber has been hanging out with the one and only Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg).

I guess he was in a band or something and now he’s in action movies and he used to take his shirt off because he had really nice abs or something,

I don’t really know, but I don’t really think Justin Bieber is trying to be like him. I think Justin Bieber is an individual and just is getting really confident in his body, which I am so proud of because it must be so hard to grow up famous, always getting your picture taken. He must feel so self-conscious sometimes, even thought I think he’s perfect.

SO, all the being said, I want you all to be prepared for a considerable amount of shirtless Justin Bieber pictures added to my gallery.

I also think I’m going to have to dedicate a whole album just to Justin Bieber and Selena called something like “She loves me, she loves me not,” because I just can’t keep up with these two anymore.

I would have to fill it with pictures of them smiling and loving each other out to dinner and holding hands and then add the ones of Selena storming off, because I feel like they either get back together or break up every other day.

Maybe if we had a photo album of them together everyday we could finally understand their relationship and figure out if they are together or not. Either way Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez would both look perfect in every picture, whether they were mad at each other or not!

Well that’s all for now, just a few updates on albums I want to add to my Justin Bieber Gallery! Remember; let me know if you want to add some of your pictures too!