Justin Bieber Has The Most Perfect Tattoos

Justin 129-uCan I please, please, please just talk about how much I love tattoos? Ok, ok. I love tattoos, I love Justin Bieber so if you add that up, I love Justin Bieber with tattoos. I do not think I have seen a more beautiful person.

Do not get me wrong, Justin before the tattoos was still extremely beautiful. But he looks HOT! Like blazing HOT. Oh My GOD! Me and my fellow beliebers definitely think Justin moving into this “badboy” realm is perfect! Just perfect. Let us start with the believe tattoo he has on the inside of his elbow.

This is probably the most perfect tattoo to get. I mean honestly we are #beliebers, his album is called Believe, he wants us to believe and follow our dreams. Why not get it tattooed to make it permanent right? It is just so perfect. I cannot wait until I am old enough cause I am definitely going to get believe tattooed on me!

Justin 143-uSo as a believe I know for a fact that Justin Bieber is very religious. I mean his mom is really, really religious, so I am not surprised by the tattoo on his left calf. Actually, I expected this tattoo. On his left calf is the praying hands. We all know that Justin has very religious beliefs so this is a tattoo that portrays that belief. I remember seeing this the first time when he went fishing with Selena Gomez.

I am really religious too so I love this tattoo so much. Plus it has roses, how great is that? On that same leg he has the Jesus in Thorns tattoo. I guess we can call that his religious leg – hahahaha. On his right collarbone is probably the most simplest, but yet most thoughtful tattoo! He has the year 1975 in roman numerals. No color, no flashing lights, nothing special. The thought behind though is beyond amazing. It represents the year that his mother was born.What a great son!

Justin 210aHis seagull tattoo on his left hip is the funniest, most awkward tattoo in my opinion at least. But it represents tradition. Justin Bieber’s dad and grandfather has the same tattoo which represents the cover art  for the fable of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Following tradition is awesome, so this is a great tattoo regardless of how funny it  looks.

By now, you should know that Justin Bieber is very family oriented! He cares for his family, loves his family and represents his family as much as possible. On his left shoulder is a Native American Chief that represents Justin and his grandfather’s love for Canadian hockey. The Native American chief is inspired by the mascot of a Canadian Hockey team that Justin and his grandfather watches every Friday! So thoughtful, I can’t.

This is probably my favorite tattoo by Justin Bieber. Even though I am really young I love the King of Pop Michael Jackson, so this tattoo is so awesome to me. On Justin’s left collarbone is a crown that represents the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson. What a perfect tattoo from the old King of Pop to the newest King of Pop! Perfect.

New Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez Drama

Justin 141-uThis year has been an interesting and tough year for Justin Bieber and the years not even half way through! Justin Bieber has been going through some rough things in his life and in the media where of course everything gets blown way out of proportion so people can make a story out of him! But this all seems to stem from one thing.

All of Justin Bieber’s struggles seem to come from the breakup he and Selena Gomez went through not too long ago. Even though it wasn’t that long ago Justin Bieber is still taking the breakup pretty hard! I don’t blame him, breakups can be a real bummer and even more so if you are a celebrity because it is like every move you make or anything you say immediately goes into the media and gets blown out of proportion!

Justin_Selena_0001And then sometimes you have to deal with lies that the media writes! They could say that Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber said mean things about each other and none of it could be true! That’s just the way the media works. Justin Bieber seems to be torn apart from not having Selena Gomez in his everyday life like he used to, which is understandable because I am pretty sure Justin Bieber really cared about Selena Gomez.

Then it has even come out that Selena Gomez may still be giving Justin Bieber some mixed signals. They apparently hung out not too long ago because Justin needed to get some of his last things from Selena Gomez’s house. While he was there they supposedly talked but Selena didn’t give Justin a straight answer on how she felt about him and their relationship.

While Justin Bieber was at Selena Gomez’s house he supposedly also told her that he needed her back in his life because he didn’t like how messy his life was getting. It is so sad to read about this in the paper and the online magazine articles. Obviously Justin Bieber is going through some rough times right now and it doesn’t help that he has to see his face all over the news anytime he makes a mistake.

Justin_Selena_0002He’s human, of course he is going to make a mistake. I really think that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez should have a moment with just each other and really speak about how they feel about this whole situation. If it is finished then the relationship should be finished and they should both move on.

Neither one of them should send mixed signals. They just need to know if they should stop or keep going. I just hope at the end everyone is okay. Justin Bieber doesn’t deserve to be trash talked all over the internet and newspapers. People need to realize that he is just like us and that he is hurting over a harsh break up. It’s natural to act this way after a breakup and the newspapers shouldn’t talk bad about him for it.

Justin Bieber Tells Us To Kiss Him!

Justin Bieber is always teasing us on his instagram. He knows exactly what he’s doing when he post shirtless pictures of him or when he takes pictures of his smoldering eyes looking right at us.

Justin Bieber's Best Fan Club 13Seriously, that look he has when he is staring into the camera makes me feel like he is looking directly into my eyes. It’s kind of scary but so awesome at the same time. It’s like you could talk to the picture and it would seem like if he was listening to you. Okay so maybe I’m the creepy one and now him! Whoops!

Well in this picture Justin Bieber is focusing on his lips. The picture is of his entire face, but Justin blurred everything out instead of his lips. “Just my lips in focus you should kiss me if you notice” was the caption for the photo he posted on instagram. His lips were looking gorgeous!

Do you know how many fans looked at that picture and probably kissed their phone? Was I the only one?! Oh, come one you know you did it too! Okay fine, let’s all pretend that we are not that crazy for our Justin Bieber. But let’s look at that caption. Is he trying to get someone’s attention? Maybe someone specific?

Justin Bieber's Best Fan Club 14Selena Gomez has been showing off her amazing body in a bunch of amazing outfits while doing promotional events for her new movie Spring Break that’s coming out soon. So maybe Justin Bieber has been catching sight of these pictures and wants to try and get Selena Gomez to come back to him. Maybe that’s also why he’s been shirtless pretty much anywhere he goes.

He goes shirtless on his tours, in pictures, and even just walking around on the sidewalk. That’s a little strange to walk on the sidewalk without a shirt but he is Justin Bieber and I’m not complaining when he does. I mean, why would you complain? He looks perfect with and WITHOUT a shirt on.

Justin Bieber's Best Fan Club 15So if he wants to continue to keep it off I won’t mind it at all. I just hope Selena Gomez is paying as much attention to these photos as much as we are! They were so perfect together. I just want to see both of them in pictures together again having those big smiles they use to share together. Justin Bieber sure makes it seem like he wants to get back together with her. Especially after making his acoustic album where a majority of the songs were love songs.

Justin Bieber shouldn’t have anything to worry about though. If he continues to look the way he does and continues to just flaunt his ripped body for everyone to see I’m sure some girl will catch his eye. But when she does I hope he doesn’t stop putting on shows for the rest of us! Like I always say, keep your head up Justin! You have such a great career and nothing can stop you from being great!

Selena Gomez is a Drama Queen, Justin Bieber is Perfect

I have been thinking about how Selena Gomez sang a few songs about breaking up at the third annual UNICEF charity concert. Both of these songs were aimed at her ex-boyfriend, the amazing Justin Bieber.

The first song she sang was Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River.” For your information, Justin Timberlake performed “Cry Me a River” in 2002 when he thought his girlfriend at the time, Britney Spears, was cheating on him.

Did Selena Gomez cover his song in order to accuse Justin Bieber of cheating on her? How dare she do something like this?! AKA she’s a drama queen. Does she really think that Justin Bieber is that bad of a guy to cheat?

She’s obviously wrong because we all know that Justin would never do anything like that. If this is the reason Selena broke up with Justin, then she has some serious problems.

Selena Gomez is a little late to the punch, though. Justin Bieber sang the same EXACT song on his Believe Tour in Boston, shortly after their breakup. Justin Bieber wouldn’t sing that song for nothing. He was implying that Selena cheated on him.

I believe it. Justin would never cheat on Selena, but the other way around is definitely possible. Selena was probably singing this song to get the public to think that Justin is the cheater and that she had a good reason to leave him.

She wanted to spin all the cheating rumors onto Justin, so that she’d look like the good girl. If Selena wanted to get back at Justin for singing this song in Boston, she should have come up with a better way to do it, rather than just singing the same exact song.

However, Selena did not stop there, she also sang Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” at the UNICEF charity concert. She was really going hard at Justin during this concert, which is a very unclassy move.

Justin was probably the best thing that ever happened to her, now all of the sudden she’s bashing him by performing these songs. It’s funny how she sang “I Knew You Were Trouble.” She did not know anything.

They were together for two years and now coming out and saying that she knew he was trouble is untrue and a lie. I don’t know about you, but if I knew somebody was trouble I would not associate my self with them to begin with, let alone date them for two years of my life. All of this to me is very disturbing.

Selena Gomez is wrong in every way when it came to her actions towards Justin after their breakup. I wasn’t a fan of her even when she was with Justin. She’s not good enough for him anyway.

Justin needs a girlfriend that will respect him and not accuse him of such terrible things. In a perfect world, Justin Bieber would be dating a girl who is faithful, beautiful, and respectful. But as Selena Gomez did a great job exemplifying for us, this is not a perfect world.

Justin Bieber Gallery Just Keeps Getting Better

So my Justin Bieber gallery has got to be one of the best ones out there, I can’t wait for it to go live and for all of you Justin Bieber fans to see it because you are literally going to die.

I probably spend about 3 hours a day trying to find only the best picture of Justin Bieber to fill my gallery with the newest, best, hottest pictures of Justin Bieber on the web.

I also still want to encourage all of you guys to send me your favorite pictures! Because I can’t have a perfectly complete Justin Bieber gallery without all his fans’ favorite pictures of him, obviously.

So basically I’m just updating you on that fact that all of the Jingle Ball action has given me literally the BEST Justin Bieber Jingle Ball album ever, or at least I think so!

I can’t believe he performed at almost all of the Jingle Ball concerts and was literally all over the place doing it, AND I didn’t even get to go to one. UGH, my parents are so annoying, It’s not like the concert was even expensive.

BUT back to all of the pictures I found. It seems like lately Biebs has been a fan of taking off his shirt in concert, and trust me, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we’re fans of that too!

Some people are saying that it’s because Justin Bieber has been hanging out with the one and only Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg).

I guess he was in a band or something and now he’s in action movies and he used to take his shirt off because he had really nice abs or something,

I don’t really know, but I don’t really think Justin Bieber is trying to be like him. I think Justin Bieber is an individual and just is getting really confident in his body, which I am so proud of because it must be so hard to grow up famous, always getting your picture taken. He must feel so self-conscious sometimes, even thought I think he’s perfect.

SO, all the being said, I want you all to be prepared for a considerable amount of shirtless Justin Bieber pictures added to my gallery.

I also think I’m going to have to dedicate a whole album just to Justin Bieber and Selena called something like “She loves me, she loves me not,” because I just can’t keep up with these two anymore.

I would have to fill it with pictures of them smiling and loving each other out to dinner and holding hands and then add the ones of Selena storming off, because I feel like they either get back together or break up every other day.

Maybe if we had a photo album of them together everyday we could finally understand their relationship and figure out if they are together or not. Either way Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez would both look perfect in every picture, whether they were mad at each other or not!

Well that’s all for now, just a few updates on albums I want to add to my Justin Bieber Gallery! Remember; let me know if you want to add some of your pictures too!

Bieber Treating Selena Gomez Like His Princess

After the Victoria’s Secret Show, where the Biebs was seen getting a little too comfortable with the models, it has been reported that the superstar is “crazy” about his girlfriend Selena Gomez, despite the rumors that he was trying to cheat with the models.

Ugh, I don’t think he would ever cheat on Selena thought, and aren’t those models like 10 years older than him? Well, if he does end up single, I guess I won’t be too upset to take him off of Selena’s hands because I do love him to death.

The super stud was seen hanging out with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin after his appearane of the show, and it has been rumored that he was trying to score some of the models’ digits. However, now a source is claiming that he’s trying to treat Ms. Gomez “like his princess” since the rumors made headlines.

Justin has always treated Selena like ‘a princess’ so I’m really not sure why all of a sudden sources are now reporting that he is doing something he has always done. This is just silly—the alleged sources are justing trying to bring Justin down and we “Beliebers” will not allow it. I stand by my boy and I will be there for him through the rumors and lies.

I read in HollywoodLife that during his Jingle Ball show in Los Angeles, he made sure Selena was the star of everything he did that night. Aw, he really is the sweetest. They said, “Justin is crazy about Selena. It’s just obvious with the way he looks at her. Justin had a lot of people wanting to take pictures with him and talk to him at the Jingle Ball meet and greet after the show and he just made sure to include Selena in everything—he kept looking at her, smiling at her, they were side by side most of the time.” I’m dying. He’s perfect.

Earlier this week, Selena was seen at the doctor’s again, reportedly for a check-up and sources are reporting that her issues are stemming from concerns over Justin. Come on Selena, really? Man up.

“She’s in a bad place,” or so I read on the site. “Nothing ignites Selena’s health issues like Justin’s immaturity.” First of all, Justin is onl y 18 years old. Second, Justin was taught how to repsect women by his wonderful mother. Lastly, this is just false. The “Beliebers” know Justin very well and this behavior just doesn’t sound like him at all!

Honestly, the only part that sounds correct is Justin making sure Selena was included during Jingle ball because that is just who he is. Justin is a wonderful boyfriend. How could he not be? Look at him!

He’s perfect and I’ll love him through thick and thin. Justin would never cheat on Selena because he loves her and he is a true gentleman. Selena’s visit probably has nothing to do with Justin. Everyone has to go see the doctor for an annual check-up or maybe she’s sick. I’m not really  sure, but we Justin and Selena are fine.

Yes, if they were to break up, we would snatch up Justin in a heartbeat because again, just look at him. There is no denying that any girl would love to have that on her arm every day. Selena is a lucky girl, a very lucky girl. I just hope these rumors die down so Justin and Selena can go on and live in peace.

Justin Shows His ABS During A Show and I LOVE IT!!!

Justin Bieber was busy getting us all a little flustered when HE SHOWED HIS ABS DURING A PERFORMANCE. Justin. Bieber. Shirtless. I swear, I am okay… Deep breaths, I got this. But honestly, how hot was that performance from Justin Bieber? Let us definitely not forget the sneak peak we got of Justin Bieber’s boxers poking out of his jeans. You still with me, Justin Bieber fans?

Justin Bieber channeled his inner Marky Mark in New York City when performing at Madison Square Garden during his Believe Tour. He is 18 now, so it is perfectly okay to stare at his perfectly chiseled chest and admire the Canadian heartthrob that is Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber’s definitely matured nicely, and seems to have embraced his heartthrob status recently while performing.

When Justin Bieber fans threw their bras to him while performing on stage, he did not seem to be phased by the act! Let us not forget that he did perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show not to long ago where he was completely surrounded by models in noting but their intimates!

Our little Justin Bieber grew up in the spotlight at the age of 15; it is so hard to think of him as a full-grown man! Nevertheless, Justin Bieber is still looking mighty fine and should definitely perform while showing off his bod. Maybe no shirt next time, huh Justin Bieber? I am sure Justin Bieber’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, Selena Gomez, is not complaining over his body; we definitely will not!

Maybe Justin Bieber is following in his big-bro, Mark Wahlberg’s, footsteps? It is no secret that Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg are the latest bromance in Hollywood. Mark Wahlberg’s kids are huge fans of Justin Bieber, and he has said that Justin Bieber is the only person that could make him rap again!

If Justin Bieber asked me, I’d do that for my daughter,” he has said. Can you imagine what a rap with Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg would sound like?

I would definitely love to hear that! All four of Mark Wahlberg’s kids are big fans of Justin Bieber, how sweet of him to consider a collaboration for them! While we wait for that sort of collaboration to happen (do not keep us waiting to long!), we can still look forward to a Mark Wahlberg/Justin Bieber collaboration in the near future.

Both Justin Bieber and Mark Wahlberg are working on a movie script together! I am definitely hoping we see them on the big screen together! The movie would have Justin Bieber playing a basketball player!

Do you have anymore shirtless Justin Bieber planned for us, Mark Wahlberg? It has been a while since we have seen our Justin Bieber on the big screen, so we are more than happy to have him coming back soon! Mark Wahlberg says that we should have this movie out by next year. I absolutely cannot wait, how about you Justin Bieber fans?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: Back Together?!

Hey “Jelena” fans! I am sure that you already know it, but in case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, you will be happy to know that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together again. Even though their relationship has been rocky these past few weeks along with crazy schedules that have kept them busy.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez still made time for each other and they were both spotted enjoying what looks like a romantic dinner according to Daily Mail. Daily Mail reported the sighting on Monday, December 3. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were seen holding hands and according to a source they said that ”Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are putting forth the important effort to “make time to see one another.”

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared what looked like an intimate dinner together late this weekend at the Beverly Hills’ WolfGang’s steakhouse. Even though the two were spotted having a romantic dinner together neither Justin or Selena have mentioned on what the status of their relationship is exactly currently.

Due to sightings of them holding hands and as well as sightings of them kissing at Dave and Buster’s and along with the many support from all their fans it is a safe bet to say that the two will likely be back together or already together just without the verbal confirmation from the two singers.

Even though the two has been spotted relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Both Justin and Selena have been busy with work. Justin has been hard at work on his worldwide “Believe” concert tour, and had amazed his fans with his outstanding performance in Toronto and also a surprised entrance from Drake.

And Selena has also been reported to be working hard on her next “Wizards of Waverly Place” movie and also has a new music album, which her fans are probably excited for to come out in stores which is expected to be out in March 2013.

Even though the two are busy with work it is nice to see that they are making an effort and the time to see each other for dinner this weekend and also a source from Daily Mail notes that this is a very good thing for their relationship. It looks like the relationship between the two singers this time around will work out.

I am sure that the “Jelena” fans are very happy on the two reunited and together like they were before and seemed to have just picked up from where they have left off. Justin Bieber is expected to continue with his sold-out “Believe” tour, while Selena Gomez has told her fans that she will be spending the Christmas holiday solo at home with the family even though it seems like the two has gotten back together.

What do you guys think? Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez finally back together? Or are they still friends and slowly working on the relationship and not officially back together? Are you guys “Jelena” fans and have been rooting for them to get back together? Let me know what you guys think and comment below!

Justin Bieber Fan Club Update: Jelena Back in Paradise and JB’s Grammy Snub

We are indeed the NUMBER 1 Justin Bieber Fan Club out there. Justin Bieber has the most faithful fans in the pop music world right now. We stand by him in his successes and his failures, but let’s face it, Justin Bieber doesn’t have any failures! 

Our fan club is dedicated for fans to connect with one another and share their love and devotion to the Biebs. We are thrilled that so many of the wonderful “Beliebers” that are out there are interested in joining this amazing fan club. 

If you are a Justin Bieber fan, there really is no reason against joining this fan club. We are a family here and our main goal is to celebrate the one and only Justin Bieber! Does that sound good to you guys because it sure sounds good to us! 

As our ‘Beliebers” know, Jelena is back on! We knew how hurt JB was when news broke of the relationship ending, but who in their right mind would ever stay away from the charming guy?

News reports are coming in and revealing that the Biebs and Selena are in fact together again! We knew they would be back together soon because they are perfect together! Yes, we know that our girl fans are a little upset that JB didn’t come knocking on their door when it ended, but we are glad to see Justin happy again. 

In our fan club, the Jelena make-up is also something that can be discussed! How do you guys feel about the whole situation? This is what the fan club is here for! Express anything you want to express in a forum setting with Justin Bieber fans around the world! Connected with the Justin Bieber Gallery Page, the Justin Bieber Fan Club is the ultimate Justin Bieber fan experience. We know Justin would be touched if he knew that his fans were part of the biggest fan club for a pop star thus far. 

With being a fan of a superstar, sometimes fans have to deal with upsetting news. Last night, we were not happy with the news of Justin Bieber not earning a 2013 Grammy Nomination. We understand that fans are livid over the news and we are too. We don’t understand how they could snub our Biebs. 

“Believe” was a beautiful album and for the Grammy’s to not give it the recognition it deserves is unkind and something the “Beliebers” will not stand for. Twitter was a buzz with fans using the hashtag #grammy and expressing their thoughts about the event last night. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. 

The Justin Bieber Fan Club is the perfect place to express your feelings about anything and everything Justin Bieber. From Jelena being back together to the monstrosity of Justin Bieber not earning a Grammy Nomination, the Justin Bieber Fan Club has everything you need to continue your unrequited love for Justin Bieber. Join the Justin Bieber Fan Club today!

Are Justin and Selena Together Or Not? What Do You Think?

We all know long distance relationships are not easy but, if the person is worth the time, we will try to make it work, right? At least in my opinion that’s what you should do. But anyway, this is about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and not myself.

The Wizards of Waverly Place reunion movie filming is what is taking time away from Selena’s best friend (Taylor Swift) and boyfriend time. She says that the last text message conversation she had with Taylor Swift went a little like, “I don’t even remember the last time I saw you”. Now you know things are hectic when you say something like that to your best friend. But when there is free time,

Selena flies to see her boo Justin Bieber or her BFF Taylor Swift. What do you readers think; is it a good idea for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber to rekindle their flame of love or should they just call it quits?

On November 28th, 2012, Justin Bieber had a sold out concert in Madison Square Garden in New York City and instead of going so some crazy after party or whatever it is that celebrities do after their shows, Justin Bieber decided to go on a super cute little date with his sort-of-kind-of girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Are they together or not? They are confusing us Justin Bieber fanatics. Boy is Justin Bieber breaking hearts. The on and off couple spent their quality time in Manhattan  They hung out at the best place to have fun, Time Square’s Dave and Buster’s arcade and restaurant.

Although the couple seems to be inseparable at the moment, kissing each other in front of 20, 000 people at a Lakers game, there was a mysterious tweet that has us all questioning the relationship between Justin Bieber and his “girlfriend”.

Justin Bieber’s 21 million followers witnessed Justin Bieber’s tweet that goes as follows, “thank you for the time i had with you but i have to move on now” then quickly deletes it. Is it not obvious as to what is going on here?

Seems to me like Justin Bieber is ready to go on with his love life or maybe he isn’t looking for another relationship.

Justin is an 18-year-old heartthrob that is adored by many girls from all over. Sorry Selena but enjoy the fun while it lasts because I am thinking that you and Justin Bieber are already over. What do my readers think about the subject?!?!?