Justin Bieber Has The Most Perfect Tattoos

Justin 129-uCan I please, please, please just talk about how much I love tattoos? Ok, ok. I love tattoos, I love Justin Bieber so if you add that up, I love Justin Bieber with tattoos. I do not think I have seen a more beautiful person.

Do not get me wrong, Justin before the tattoos was still extremely beautiful. But he looks HOT! Like blazing HOT. Oh My GOD! Me and my fellow beliebers definitely think Justin moving into this “badboy” realm is perfect! Just perfect. Let us start with the believe tattoo he has on the inside of his elbow.

This is probably the most perfect tattoo to get. I mean honestly we are #beliebers, his album is called Believe, he wants us to believe and follow our dreams. Why not get it tattooed to make it permanent right? It is just so perfect. I cannot wait until I am old enough cause I am definitely going to get believe tattooed on me!

Justin 143-uSo as a believe I know for a fact that Justin Bieber is very religious. I mean his mom is really, really religious, so I am not surprised by the tattoo on his left calf. Actually, I expected this tattoo. On his left calf is the praying hands. We all know that Justin has very religious beliefs so this is a tattoo that portrays that belief. I remember seeing this the first time when he went fishing with Selena Gomez.

I am really religious too so I love this tattoo so much. Plus it has roses, how great is that? On that same leg he has the Jesus in Thorns tattoo. I guess we can call that his religious leg – hahahaha. On his right collarbone is probably the most simplest, but yet most thoughtful tattoo! He has the year 1975 in roman numerals. No color, no flashing lights, nothing special. The thought behind though is beyond amazing. It represents the year that his mother was born.What a great son!

Justin 210aHis seagull tattoo on his left hip is the funniest, most awkward tattoo in my opinion at least. But it represents tradition. Justin Bieber’s dad and grandfather has the same tattoo which represents the cover art  for the fable of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Following tradition is awesome, so this is a great tattoo regardless of how funny it  looks.

By now, you should know that Justin Bieber is very family oriented! He cares for his family, loves his family and represents his family as much as possible. On his left shoulder is a Native American Chief that represents Justin and his grandfather’s love for Canadian hockey. The Native American chief is inspired by the mascot of a Canadian Hockey team that Justin and his grandfather watches every Friday! So thoughtful, I can’t.

This is probably my favorite tattoo by Justin Bieber. Even though I am really young I love the King of Pop Michael Jackson, so this tattoo is so awesome to me. On Justin’s left collarbone is a crown that represents the late, great King of Pop Michael Jackson. What a perfect tattoo from the old King of Pop to the newest King of Pop! Perfect.