The Justin Bieber All Around the World Video Is Perfect

The Justin Bieber All Around the World video is the most perfectly done music video masterpiece I have ever seen and that has ever been created in the history of music and music video making. I can not imagine not loving this video at any point in the future. It is amazing. I honestly think I can watch it a thousand times without being tired of it.

Justin 174-uThe video shows a mash-up of concert footage from world tour and his performances of the song at various venues all around the world. The angle is also of the tour from his point of view, not the audience point of view which makes it even cooler and more personal in my opinion.

That’s why I love watching it so much. It’s like seeing and hearing Justin Bieber explain something directly to me. It feels really personal and makes me love him even more because I feel like I know him better than ever.

Justin 143-uI think people forget the art that goes into making music videos. Everyone is so obsessed with giant explosions and transforming car robot things from space on TV that they forget that perfect connection created when music meets visual. How it can take you away from all of the crazy stuff in your actual world.

It’s perfect for people who don’t have time to waste three hours in a movie theater. Music videos will hopefully never go away because these four-minute little escapes help all of us feel closer to our idols. They also help to expose us all to new dance moves that can go with our favorite songs and favorite our favorite artists. Choreography is a lost art that Justin Bieber is clearly trying to save.

Justin Bieber also takes the time in this video to show us all of the amazingly beautiful places he’s visited from, well obviously, all around the world. He shows us Big Ben, which I think England is trying to rename, but since they just made it legal for royal daughters to have the same birthright to the crown as sons, something tells me that the change might take awhile.

Justin 161-uAnyway, the Eiffel Tower also pops up in the video and totally made me think of how awesome it would be to spend the night in Paris with Justin Bieber and how it would be the greatest experience of my entire life.

But then I realized how crazy some of the girls in the video look. Like, would I be that crazy if it were me? I can not say yes, and I can not say no at this point. I did wonder, though. At the same time, how lucky are these girls that they are actually in a Justin Bieber music video. That is just awesome.

I would claim that little piece of fame forever. Then again, I don’t know if I would want to admit that I was the girl who climbed the tree, or the one who ran alongside of his car in the middle of the street.

This Justin Bieber Fanclub Gets Better Everyday

I have been listening and obsessing about Justin Bieber and his music since the moment I first heard it. Yes, even in the YouTube days way, back when. It takes a true artist to get as far as he has in the time that he has done it in, there is no denying that.

Even for those of you who are not big Justin Bieber fans, you gotta admit that the kid’s got talent… if not talent then at least give him points for having so much swag.

When it comes to Bieber, it is either go big or go home… really, I learned that from seeing him perform time and time and time again. So I’ve come to the conclusion that because he is just oh-so-great! he deserves a tribute that does him justice.

What better way to show our biebermania than by making this the best Justin Bieber fanclub!? All and any Justin Bieber related news and Justin Bieber YouTube Videos and Justin Bieber songs where his fans can learn and share everything about our all-time favorite teenage heartthrob.

This site will include most importantly information on Bieber himself and his whereabouts by providing us, his fans, with constant updates on Justin! The JB fanclub will be a place where his fans can get together and bond over their eternal love for Bieber!

The fanclub will have chartrooms and forums where people can mingle and get to know other fans around their area. It will also be a place to buy, sell or trade concert tickets at very special deals just for JB fanclub members!

For those of you who would simply like to share your views on the Biebs, you could also submit letters, pictures, songs etc. to our fanclub blog.

This JB fanclub will have great discounts for members of the fanclub in the JB fanclub store that we are working on where all sorts of Justin Bieber memorabilia will be sold! Are you excited yet? I know I am!

If the future new store isn’t enough to draw in those with major Bieber fever I would also like to remind you that this fanclub will include an events calendar where once members have signed up with us they will be reminded of all Justin Bieber related events in their area and area’s surrounding them.

We will make sure to keep our fans updated constantly by providing them with all the important (and the not so relevant, for the really curious fans) Bieber information that is given to us. We are going to do our best to keep the JB fanclub galleries updated, as well as posting the best and most recent Justin Bieber photographs.

And for those of you out there who have any good pictures of our much-adored JB that you would like to share with us the JB fanclub crew and all your fellow biebermaniac members will be more than greatful! And last but not least to add the cherry on top of the sundae that is the JB fanclub, for our faithful followers we are working on a contest and raffle for some really fab JUSTIN BIEBER STUFF!!!

And if this doesn’t knock the socks right off your feet… I really don’t know what will.

A Little Re-Cap of Just Who Justin Bieber Is. (Beliebers…As If You Don’t Already Know!!)

Let me just give you a little recap of just who Justin Bieber is, my hero. The most perfect boy ever. Born on March 1st, 1994 in London, Canada, Justin Beiber was once just a little boy from Canada with big dream and I know that he was JUST as cute when he started. He started singing and playing the guitar at a really young age.
He then got discovered in 2008 on YouTube by the famous American manager Scooter Braun (and probably tons of girls who just died over him because he was SO cute!). Scooter who manages the artist we know as Usher Raymond, who totally isn’t as famous as Justin Bieber.

Since then, Justin has been such a big hit. He is now a singer, songwriter and actor who is becoming legendary and has fans of all ages, colors, and sizes. Justin comes from an immediate family of 5 (including himself). His parents are Pattie Lynn Malette, Jeremy Jack Bieber, half siblings Jazmyn Bieber and Jaxon Bieber making Justin the eldest.

We all know Justin Bieber to be a heartthrob (espeically me) who makes enjoyable music and entertains us but there is a story behind this young man that we would be shocked to hear. Justin Bibers mother Patricia Lynn Malette had Justin with Jeremy Jack Biber when she was only 19 years old.

The marriage between Justin’s parents did not last long. They split when Justin was the age of 2 years and he is Patricia’s only child. Despite the separation, Justin’s father remained close to him and supports his career. Jeremy Bieber then remarried and had a son and a daughter with Erin Bieber. Who remembers him with that fishbowl haircut when he first started back in the day (well, really just a few years ago

Justin Bieber has blossomed into a the most perfect singer and boy I’ve ever seen. Today, he is performing on stage with artists like Niki Minaj, Usher, Ludacris, Sean Kingston, Drake and many more, but honestly I still think he’s the best out of everyone. Last Saturday night, December the 1st Justin Bieber brought out Drizzy Drake to perform together at the SkyDome in Canada.

Together, the Canadian natives performed their collaboration song called ‘Right Here’ and Lil Waynes ‘The Motto’ with Justin Bieber singing Lil Wayne’s and Tyga’s verse on that track. Drake started in the entertainment industry as young as 16. Playing Jimmy Brooks, the character who ended up in a wheel chair in Degrassi; born to the name Audrey Blake Graham but now known as ‘Drake’.

The show was a hit, obviously. With 60, 000 fans (ugh minus me because my parents wouldn’t let me go to Canada, WHATEVER) who came out to see them perform, tickets were sold out. Like I said, it was a crazy crowd. It was always a dream of Drake’s to be able to perform at the SkyDome and probably to play  with Justin Bieber! He thanked Justin Bieber by saying “I want to thank you for letting me live a childhood dream, which is my first opportunity to perform at the SkyDome.” When Drake came out on stage as a surprise guest, the crowd went ballistic.

“We’re pretty close to home; I want to do a special song I haven’t done on tour yet. Give it up from your hometown, Drizzy Drake” is how Justin Bieber introduced Drake before he came on stage.

Drake than later responded by saying, “There’s very few people I met in the world that are as talented and as incredible as this young man right here. You got your favorite two Canadian boys, you got Drizzy Drake and Justin Bieber, please believe it.” Ugh, sigh. I can’t believe I wasn’t there.

Justin Bieber Fan Club Update: Jelena Back in Paradise and JB’s Grammy Snub

We are indeed the NUMBER 1 Justin Bieber Fan Club out there. Justin Bieber has the most faithful fans in the pop music world right now. We stand by him in his successes and his failures, but let’s face it, Justin Bieber doesn’t have any failures! 

Our fan club is dedicated for fans to connect with one another and share their love and devotion to the Biebs. We are thrilled that so many of the wonderful “Beliebers” that are out there are interested in joining this amazing fan club. 

If you are a Justin Bieber fan, there really is no reason against joining this fan club. We are a family here and our main goal is to celebrate the one and only Justin Bieber! Does that sound good to you guys because it sure sounds good to us! 

As our ‘Beliebers” know, Jelena is back on! We knew how hurt JB was when news broke of the relationship ending, but who in their right mind would ever stay away from the charming guy?

News reports are coming in and revealing that the Biebs and Selena are in fact together again! We knew they would be back together soon because they are perfect together! Yes, we know that our girl fans are a little upset that JB didn’t come knocking on their door when it ended, but we are glad to see Justin happy again. 

In our fan club, the Jelena make-up is also something that can be discussed! How do you guys feel about the whole situation? This is what the fan club is here for! Express anything you want to express in a forum setting with Justin Bieber fans around the world! Connected with the Justin Bieber Gallery Page, the Justin Bieber Fan Club is the ultimate Justin Bieber fan experience. We know Justin would be touched if he knew that his fans were part of the biggest fan club for a pop star thus far. 

With being a fan of a superstar, sometimes fans have to deal with upsetting news. Last night, we were not happy with the news of Justin Bieber not earning a 2013 Grammy Nomination. We understand that fans are livid over the news and we are too. We don’t understand how they could snub our Biebs. 

“Believe” was a beautiful album and for the Grammy’s to not give it the recognition it deserves is unkind and something the “Beliebers” will not stand for. Twitter was a buzz with fans using the hashtag #grammy and expressing their thoughts about the event last night. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. 

The Justin Bieber Fan Club is the perfect place to express your feelings about anything and everything Justin Bieber. From Jelena being back together to the monstrosity of Justin Bieber not earning a Grammy Nomination, the Justin Bieber Fan Club has everything you need to continue your unrequited love for Justin Bieber. Join the Justin Bieber Fan Club today!

The Justin Bieber FanClub is Going GREAT!

It has been 5 years since the discovery of, soon to be one of the sexiest men alive, Justin Bieber. Together with his quick-wit and his boyish charm, we have grown to adore him. From featuring with Usher and signing his first album in 2009, he is now in duets with hip-hop singers as big as Nicki Minaj. 

I am officially addicted to Justin’s latest album “Believe”, it has been on replay on my iTunes and my iPod since I was able to get my hands on it. I am THAT obsessed, and now my roommate is officially a Belieber too. I feel like I’ve definitely accomplished greatness this week.

So after jamming to his new album for the umpteenth time, I decided I would take some time and dedicate it to my Bieber fever.  So what better way to show my love for Justib Bieber and his music than to partake in creating or maybe even extending his fanclub? I know that every crazed comes up with this idea at some point, but I also know that not every fan is able to pull this off successfully.

As a huge Justin Bieber fan myself, I am looking for specific characteristics in the Biebermaniacs that will join my fanclub. I know everything about Justin Bieber from his birthday, to his favorite drink, to his favored brand of clothing. Anything Bieber related, I am your main girl. So for all my fellow fanclub members who wish too join this fanclub, the requirement is simple: they must be as knowledgeable on any Justin Bieber related trivia as me. 

How many of us have sat and played the song “Boyfriend” and “Baby” over and over, just day dreaming and pretending he is singing these songs to us? Remember that feeling of innate desperation and lust? Don’t get me wrong; I believe that this feeling is truly precious and I want all my fellow Bieber fans to feel this when being a part of my Justin Bieber Fanclub.

This fanclub will layout all the good reasons, and more, as to how Bieber is Bieber and why he is fabulous. We will get together to share our knowledge on him and trade stories. We could even have a game night reunion, and again, it’ll be all Justin Bieber related trivia.

We will have group events where we karaoke to his songs and learn his dance moves. It’ll be the ultimate party. There is no better way to end the night than by throwing a party and playing some good Justin Bieber tunes and dancing to them all night long. Let’s bask in the love, ladies!

So, who wants to help me make this Justin Bieber fanclub the second awesomest thing to happen in the last decade since the discovery of Justin Bieber?! As a Justin Bieber fan, I solemnly swear to honor Justin Bieber, his fame and talent with the events being thrown in his name by the fanclub.

Another Justin Bieber Gallery Update!

Do you love Justin Bieber as much as I do? Then take a look at my Justin Bieber Gallery Page! My Justin Bieber Gallery Page holds all the latest photos of Justin Bieber. Find the coolest and rarest photos when you join this Justin Bieber Gallery Page. 

Our Justin Bieber Gallery Page will give you an exclusive look into Justin Bieber’s  life. I’ve been really staying on top of updating our Justin Bieber Gallery Page with ALL NEW photos of the Canadian rockstar! Are you excited? Now you will have even more exclusive photos of Justin Bieber!

Join my new updated Justin Bieber Gallery Page to stay up to date with all of the best photos of Justin Bieber there are have to offer! Exclusive photos of Justin, how excited are you? I promise to have all sorts of pictures of Justin in this exclusive Justin Bieber Gallery Page! Not only will you get photos of Justin on tour, but you will get all sorts of pictures in our Justin Bieber Gallery Page!

You will have photos of Justin Bieber on tour, Justin at home, when he was growing up (baby pictures, yay!), Justin and Selena (hope these two worked things out!), and Justin casually doing his own things! I love seeing photos of my favorite celebrities doing all sorts of things, makes me feel more for that celebrity. 

With my Justin Bieber Gallery Page, you can do just that! And now that it is updated, you can see ALL NEW photos of the world’s biggest pop star! Is that not exciting? My Justin Bieber Gallery Page is much different from all the ones that are already out there! I will be holding forums so you could chat to other fans about how dreamy Justin Bieber is, or fans can upload their own personal photos of themselves with Justin or at his concert!

Remember how you spent hours searching the internet for the latest photos of Justin Bieber? Well now you will not need to do that anymore because my Justin Bieber Gallery Page will hold all those photos for you! And I update as much as possible for the most exclusive content! So do you guys like what you are reading?

If so, you should definitely sign up for my Justin Bieber Gallery Page! Be sure to get your friends involved in this so all of you can have special memories of this pop star! Spread the word! The more people who join, the more photos we can get for our Justin Bieber Gallery Page! Come on Beliebers, we need your help to make this Justin Bieber Gallery Page the biggest source for all things Justin Bieber!

I promise to make this the best experience for any Belieber, Justin himself would love it! Do not miss out on this opportunity to be part of the most exclusive Justin Bieber page! The newly updated Justin Bieber Gallery Page will be sure to fix all your Justin Bieber cravings for this superstar, come join me for the fun!

Don’t Miss This Justin Bieber Fanclub Update!

This Justin Bieber story might be weird but don’t judge me! (I know you guys won’t judge me because you’ve probably had the exact same things happen to you!) Last night I had a dream I was at a Justin Bieber concert with my best friend Emily and we were totally front row and everything. We felt like the coolest people there.

Then Justin Bieber gets off stage and starts coming towards Em and I and he’s like singing to us. We could NOT believe it. He grabs our hands, brings us on stage for his performance than takes us backstage.

So yeah, that was the end of my dream but I woke up with so much confidence in the  Justin Bieber fanclub I’m starting. I should totally do it and get it set up as fast as possible, right? I still think it would be a cool way to get Justin Bieber to notice me and I’ll be like semi famous, like those people who get millions of views on their YouTube videos. Yeah, I’ll be one of them and the members of my fanclub will be included!!

Anyway, my Justin Bieber Fanclub will have millions of fans, you guys will definitely be a part of it obviously. My Justin Bieber Fanclub will have a Facebook page, a twitter and an instagram account, we are going to be super social media savvy. We will express how amazing Justin is everyday. The Justin Bieber Fanclub will only have members who are dedicated, true, non-trash talking fans who also do not let other people trash talk Justin. I just like to remind you all who belongs here

Here are my favorite reasons to like Justin:

  • He is amazingly talented. From a young age he was playing guitar and singing.
  • He is from Canada. I mean who doesn’t like a “foreigner”?
  • Justin is one of those celebs who would not let their fans down. I feel like he wouldn’t do anything fans would not approve of. He knows how to keep us happy!
  • And the most OBVI reason to love Justin is because he is stunningly handsome.

Justin Bieber is a beautiful person, inside and out. The Justin Bieber Fanclub will be a place where we hold happiness and serenity. The Justin Bieber will be something like a brotherhood, or a sisterhood for most of us probably. Not only will we be there for Justin himself but we have to be there to support each other as well.

I hope this update got you even more excited for this Justin Bieber fanclub, because I really can’t even wait to show you all what I have in store for you. I know we’ve been talking about the gallery a lot and about YouTube videos a lot, but that won’t even be the half of it. You Justin Bieber fans will have SO many chances to participate and share your thoughts on your favorite Justin Bieber picture or Justin Bieber video. So make sure you stick around for more Justin Bieber fanclub updates!

Justin Bieber Gallery Page – I Need Your Help Making This The Best Justin Bieber Gallery Page Anywhere!

If you are a biebermaniac like me, you’ll admit that having a page filed with pictures of Justin Bieber doing nothing but being Justin is the perfect way to portray him to his fans, hence our awesome new Justin Bieber gallery. Pictures speak a thousand words and so will this Justin Bieber Gallery Page. 

Whenever I’m looking over photographs of celebrities on their Gallery pages, I find myself realizing that their life is average too. That makes me feel better. Don’t get me wrong, I still think that they are fabulous but their life is nowhere nearly as exciting as I make it up to be in my head.

But see, the twisted thing is that watching them do all these mundane things that I do on a daily basis only makes me like these celebrities more. This time it’s not me idolizing them but simply being in awe and having so much respect for someone who made being average simply awesome.

So these are a couple of my ideas for JB’s Gallery Page. First we could start off with a picture of baby Justin, maybe a picture of Justin with his siblings and his family, then Justin prepping for concert and maybe one or two pictures of him at the beach. And yes, even though we all know that he is a superstar, we love him because he is average just like us and eats pancakes for breakfast too. 

In spite of Justin Bieber’s young age, the point of this gallery is also to gather the essence of Justin from a very young age, to where he took interest in the showbiz until now. Although it has only been 18 years, there is still a lot to be said about Biebs, from nominations to heartbreaks, the purpose is to capture it all and tell his story through his pictures.

The purpose of the gallery is to gather pictures of Justin where we get to see the epitome of him, not only as a celebrity but as the 18-year-old who is making his way to stardom by kicking ass and taking names. This gallery page will give Bieber fans a closer idea of what a day in the life of Justin Bieber is like.

Also, I think that an essential element that will make this gallery really great is making sure that Justin himself can partake in posting the pictures that he would like to share with his fans, this will make this gallery much more Bieber-like than just about Bieber and his life.

I would also like to make this gallery interactive, where Justin Bieber and his crew are able to post comments and place tags on pictures as well as interact with the fans. I feel like this would add a more personal touch to the Gallery Page that will bring about more Bieber fans from all over the world looking to just get to know the Biebs himself a little better.

If this gallery is more than well received among those of us who have Bieber fever, I will consider my job with the Justin Bieber Gallery Page well done.

Don’t Miss The Best Justin Bieber Gallery Page Ever!

Can we just take a moment to admire the ever wonderful, the ever hot, the ever amazing, Justin Bieber and don’t you worry, our Justin Bieber Gallery Page brings you the latest and greatest photos of your favorite boy in the world, Justin Bieber! 

Take a look at the smile, the face, and the body! It’s Justin Bieber 24/7 and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Our boy Justin has come along way since his debut and this Justin Bieber Gallery Page proves it. We love the Biebs, do you?! Show your love by joining the Justin Bieber Fan Club so you can enjoy and marvel at the superstar all you want.

What makes our Justin Bieber Gallery Page different, you ask? We want our page to be number 1! We will be able to do this by creating forums to confess your love for Justin, connect with other Bieber fans all over the world, and celebrate all that is Justin Bieber. The Justin Bieber Gallery Page is the ultimate fan experience, and you deserve the best. Fans will be able to share their personal photos with the heartthrob by uploading them to the Justin Bieber Gallery Page. Who wouldn’t want that?!

We love Justin Bieber with everything we have and we want to make sure you are as dedicated as we are to the Canadian superstar. Photos from his debut up to now are available. If you want to experience the “As Long As You Love Me” or the “Beauty & a Beat (feat. Nicki Minaj) video shoot as many times as you want, you now have that option. For hardcore “Beliebers” of the Justin Bieber Gallery Page, you probably already have all the exclusive photos and videos from the star. We’re promising that we have the photos that you have prowled for hours and hours on the Internet for. You want ‘em! We got ‘em!

Join the fan club to have an all-access pass to the Justin Bieber Gallery Page. We just don’t understand why anyone would pass up this opportunity! The Biebs would want you to! Don’t let the Biebs down! We think that joining the Justin Bieber Gallery Page is the perfect way to show your support for one of the biggest names in pop music. Scratch that! One of the biggest names in music! Period!
Your friends will be so jealous when you have the exclusives we have, but that’s not what we want. The more the merrier! Tell your friends to join so they can have an all-access pass as well! From computer backgrounds, phone backgrounds, posters, etc.

Here at the Justin Bieber Gallery Page, we have any kind of photo in any kind of way the fans want. We’re willing to share the goods, if you guys come join the fun!

Forums to confess your love for the superstar, uploading personal photos with the Biebs, an all-access pass? What more can you ask for in the Justin Bieber Gallery Page? We will make sure this is the best social experience when it comes to Justin Bieber. However, we need your help to make this dream a reality. Please, Beliebers! Make the Justin Bieber Gallery Page is the best photo gallery of Justin Bieber there ever was. Justin Bieber would be proud!

Justin Bieber Fanclub – I Am Working On A Survey For Justin Bieber Fans. What Would You Like To Know About Justin?

So for my Justin Bieber fanclub I want to get to know other Justin Bieber fans better (well other than my friends and I)! By that I don’t mean I really want to know about YOU, I just want to know what you want to know about Justin Bieber. I know that I love learning all about Justin Bieber’s favorite things, from his favorite color to his favorite meal to his favorite holiday. 

I love reading through lists of quirky favorites that I would never even had thought of. Like for example, did you know that if Justin Bieber had to pick a favorite Jonas Brothers song, it would be “Inseparable?” Well, now you know.

I want to know if you’re like me and if you’re coming to this Justin Bieber fanclub to learn about his favorite dinner meal (Spaghetti Bolognese) or maybe his favorite YouTube video (Chuck Norris fighting a bear). If so, you’re in luck, because I’m putting together a whole page just for Justin’s quirky favorites for our Justin Bieber fanclub members.

Maybe though, you don’t care as much about Justin Bieber’s favorite things and instead care more about what he does in his spare time, or how he trains before a show. These are things that would probably interest a lot of his fans, especially fan interested in a musical career. You would want to know about his voice coach and how he practices.

Maybe there are a few fashionista’s coming to this Justin Bieber fanclub that are interested in what he is wearing everyday. We could talk about what brands he likes the most and the outfits that he feels most comfortable in. Or we could talk about how his normal wardrobe is different from the things he wears on stage. Some people might be interested in that.

Justin Bieber has also had a very difficult past and his family life has never been perfect, so some people may want to know about his life before he became a teen sensation. Some people might come to this Justin Bieber fanclub to learn about Justin’s family and his rise to fame.

His mother just recently wrote a biography about her life and hardships, so some people might want to know more about her life and how she raised Justin, or even what it’s like to have such a heatthrob, teen sensation for a son.

Or maybe you just want to see pictures of Justin Bieber through the years. From baby pictures to pictures of him like yesterday. Let me know because I can help you out with that too.

This Justin Bieber fanclub is here for you. I am surveying all of you Justin Bieber fans to find out exactly what you want to know about him and his life so we can deliver it you to exactly the way you want it. To make this Justin Bieber fanclub the very best Justin Bieber fanclub out there, I need to know what Justin Bieber fans are thinking about!