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So I think we all know that Justin Bieber is the best singer ever and watching him sing is probably, definitely the best thing I could ever do. That’s why I probably spend most of my free time sitting in front of my computer watching Justin Bieber videos on YouTube. (More time than my mom would like, probably!) Watching videos of Justin Bieber is so much better than just listening to him sing on a CD or iTunes or something because you can actually see him. 

You can see him dancing and what he’s wearing and his cute face! Whether it’s Justin Bieber live performances or his music videos, I just can’t stop watching all of the Justin Bieber YouTube videos out there on the web. I can stare at him sing ALL DAY. No, I take that back, I can stare at him doing ANYTHING all day.

All this Justin Bieber YouTube video watching gave me an idea that I told you all about in some of my other Justin Bieber fanclub blogs when I was thinking about what could make my Justin Bieber fanclub the best ever. I had the great idea to watch a bunch of Justin Bieber YouTube videos and talk about them in separate articles telling you guys what I liked about them and why you should be watching them too!

I want ideas from you guys too, as always! So I’ll need you to tell me what videos you want to see me talk about and what you have to say about the videos I’ve already talked about, like if you agree with me or things that maybe I’ve missed! 

This time I’ve decided to talk about the Justin Bieber YouTube video for “Love Me.” First though, I want to tell you a little bit about the song, because there’s always more for you to know about Justin Bieber things! Did you know that it was written by Bruno Mars, along with Ari Levine and Phillip Lawrence?

I didn’t and I do like Bruno Mars, I mean he’s not Justin Bieber, but he’s a pretty good singer. It was first first single off of My World that came out in October of 2009. Wow, that means like ages ago. I mean I was only 9, but I know that I was still a huge Justin Bieber fan and I remember when this song came out. Can you remember all the way bac to the very beginning of Justin Bieber? I can! “Love Me” was always one of my favorites, which is why I decided to write about it in my first Justin Bieber YouTube article.

Apparently the song uses some material from “Lovefool” by some band called The Cardigans who were popular like a million years ago. Well, I know that Justin Bieber made it 100 times better by making it his own. I think it’s the perfect mix of electronic and pop with a little R&B thrown in there. And really, try and tell me what’s better that Justin Bieber asking you to “love him?” I know, nothing, absoluetly nothing. Of course, I’ll love you Justin Bieber. 

Now on to the video, which is a mash up of Justin Bieber being beautiful and singing and a bunch of great concert footage. Wow, Justin Bieber is SO young looking in this You Tube video, he has his old classic Justin Bieber hair and everything.

The video starts off with just Justin Bieber laughing a little and looking super cute and perfect singing in front of a white background and then goes righ tinto him walking with is posse to make his way on stage, putting on his mic and stuff. Then he goes, “It’s JB” and ugh I just die, because he sounds so perfect.

Then we dive right into footage from a live performance, I’m not sure which concert it is from, but come on, any Justin Bieber concert will work, right? Along with the various Justin Bieber concert footage, there are tons of shots of Justin Bieber with his fans, which literally melts my heard because it just shows how dedicated Justin Bieber reall yis to his fans. He loves them enough to put a whole bunch of them in his music video! I wish I was in there.

Justin Bieber actually said that this video was made specifically for his fans. It is a “tribute to his worldwide fans, thanking them for their support” and I think it does that perfectly. Justin Bieber never fails to thank his fans, whether it is in a music video, during an acceptance speech after winning an award (like he did at the American Music Awards last weekend!) or anywhere else. It is so nice that he really appreciates all of us and remembers that his fans are the reason why he is where he is. We appreciate Justin Bieber just as much as he appreciates us too, and I would totally make a music video telling him that.

Anyways, he spends a lot of the video making hears at the camera, aka ME. So Justin Bieber spends most of the video telling his fans that he loves them, in many different ways. There are also a lot of special guests in the video like Ryan Seacrest, and Usher. Usher is so important to Justin Bieber because he is his mentor and really showed him the ropes of making it into the music business. I’m grateful for usher because without him there would be no Justin Bieber, and then who would I have to make a fan club about? There really is no one better than Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber shows off his sick dance moves through out the YouTube video, dancing for the camera, on stage, and in rehearsal. I’m so glad he’s a good dancer because that makes me love Justin Bieber even more. He’s not just a pretty face, or a good singer; he can really bust a move too. He is so much better than all of the other pop stars that can’t dance because he does it all. Justin playing drums in the video, slamming away on them during one of the scenes of him in concert.

There’s a really funny scene right in the middle of the video where Justin Bieber gets all wrapped up in toilet paper and runs around his rehearsal space. I like that Justin Bieber goofs around a lot, even in his music videos because it makes him so much more real, like he acts like my friends and I when were are hanging out and goofing around. Justin Bieber really is just another kid like us. 

So there’s my take on the Justin Bieber YouTube video for “Love Me.” I don’t think I could love you, Justin Bieber, much more and that video was perfect and just how I remember you when you first came out. I love how he can sing a perfect song for dancing, but still be goofy and silly in his video. So, Justin Bieber, “Love me, love me, say that you love me!” Please, please, please?

What did you think about this review of the Justin Bieber YouTube video for “Love Me?” Did I miss anything that you wanted to talk about? Tell me, because I can add it to the article or put it in the comments! And what video do you want to see next? Because I’m here for you guys, for all the Justin Bieber fans! That was the Justin Bieber YouTube video for “Love Me” and I’m done!

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